I demand BangleJS3!

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  • I guess you might be able to store pre-compressed data on the flash? But honestly it's not likely to be of a great deal of use being able to replay a few seconds of audio...

  • Well you could have sidplayer or modplayer app (both C64 and Amiga were slower than Bangle 2!), also speech synthesizer does not need lot of data and the bitrate is lower so could not use that much CPU when encoding

    it's not likely to be of a great deal of use being able to replay a few seconds of audio

    Navigation directions are quite short samples too.

    Still not that much useful/practical I guess.

  • My top wishes would be:

    • 3 or ideally 4 buttons
    • 64 color display like pebble
    • waterproof enough to handle light splashes like when washing hands with no problems
    • good/reliable bluetooth
    • no sensors that'll make watch thicker(like hr), for me it's better to have a thinner watch
    • ideally - a bit curved case design for better fit on the hand

    • software: maybe some option to reverse the watch interface(like text&images) if someone would like buttons to face another direction(this depends on the layout, if there are 2x2 buttons than it doesn't matter)

    • microphone would be nice for voice notes, but not sure how this goes with waterproofing, i mean there should be options for some waterproof membranes but maybe these are too pricey, idk

  • Thanks, yes that's about where I am with it as well - Bangle.js 2 does have a membrane, and it does seem to work ok - but it's still something you can't really rely on for proper submersion (like swimming).

    Heart rate is a hard one for me to add on a custom-designed watch, but I do think it is expected of a wearable at the moment so probably is needed.

    maybe some option to reverse the watch interface(like text&images) if someone would like buttons to face another direction

    Bangle.js 2 does do this already (well, it allows the screen to be rotated) - check out the LCD page in Settings

  • Bangle.js 2 does do this already (well, it allows the screen to be rotated) - check out the LCD page in Settings
    Wow, cool, thanks for info❤️

    All i wish for you is inner peace, patience and good luck when you'll want to release a new version

  • All i wish for you is inner peace

    Thanks! With two small kids, inner peace is something I could definitely do with more of :)

  • I'm not convinced inner peace is possible even when your kids are grown up there still worries :)

  • Its looks to me like 3 buttons is a popular ask. I have to say I much prefer the 1 button design that changes on context eg launcher, back, reset

  • I think probably more buttons wouldn't hurt - especially in winter it's requested because of issues using a touchscreen with gloves.

    Obviously exposing that in software could be more of a problem, but I guess if we had 4 buttons we could have the back button behaving the same way, but then up/down/select which would allow any scrollable lists to be selected by button presses too.

  • Agreed. I personally far prefer using the touchscreen over buttons when I can, but having more buttons won't hurt anything when I can still use the touchscreen. It will only make the watch more usable with gloves. Having the watch be usable with gloves would be a major improvement and serious advantage over other smartwatches.

  • More buttons also allows you to do things without having to look at the watch, for example increase the volume or decline a call

  • Having more buttons is not only desirable when wearing gloves. I use the watch mainly as a sport watch, and for that use case the touch screen is nearly unusable while doing the activity.

  • I'm a new BangleJS 2 user. I was using a Garmin Instinct watch before. The main things I really miss are (ordered by importance):

    • Better GPS. I'm really struggling with the GPS accuracy. I can live with updating the A-GPS data every time I need it, but the accuracy is really bad
    • Water resistance for swimming/taking a shower
    • Bigger, brighter display. I don't really need colors
    • Stronger vibration motor (no need for the buzzer)
    • Enough buttons to use the watch without touching the screen
  • Maybe a flashlight on model 3? Could be neat!


  • btw, will you guys prefer 1 way GPS instead of China's 2-way BeiDou (The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS))?

    it is told that with GPS, you can only receive signal from the sats, to calculate your location.

    with BDS, you can send text back, but with that, if there is spyware, it's worrysome.

    the OS espruino is foss i know, but hardware-wise i dont know what we can control.

    and i am not sure if BDS provide a read-only framework and is it trust-able.

  • with BDS, you can send text back

    For that you would need something with much bigger battery and better antenna. Even your phone would struggle with that task https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellit­e_phone#Integration_into_conventional_mo­bile_phones

    But maybe there could be deluxe version of the watch sold as a kit with two tinfoil hats, one small for the watch and one bigger :-)

  • hey, didn't you heard of huawei mate 60 pro?
    they make that huge antenna into the phone now.

    a regular size phone can now do satallite phone-ing.

  • btw, i am writing to AGAINST the 2 way texting.
    i dont want a spyware near me 24x7.thx

  • a regular size phone can now do satallite phone-ing

    That is what the wikipedia link says too. Still we are talking about smartwatch here with tiny battery, not phone. Currently it loses phone connectivity even when you move 10m away and GPS is not the best one even as a receiver. Also we are talking about component that costs about dollar or two (and is connected over simple uart we have under complete control)

    Anyway, point taken, next bangle 3 should not be huawei mate 60 pro.

    And BTW since we have quite a lot of posts from you in many topics it would be nice if you would chose a nick.

  • need make a nickname oneself?
    okay will do so.
    i logged in using email and make a password but it always send me login code

  • By the way, you can use the green light from HRM sensor as a flashlight in bjs2.
    Just run HRM and shine it in a dark place, visibility will be much higher than from the screen as a flashlight ⚡

  • Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • By the way, you can use the green light from HRM sensor as a flashlight in bjs2

    Was also thinking it could be used for some sort of communication when BLE does not work or is too complicated similar to IrDA or NFC - sending via blinking (led or even display) and receiving by the sensor. Display to HR sensor is unidirectional but two sensors pointing each other could be bidirectional.

  • Just chiming in to say that I'm also ready for a Bangle.JS3. My JS2 is getting scratched up and the battery doesn't hold a charge as well as it used to, and I'd prefer to upgrade rather than just get a replacement.

    As for what I'd want changed, I'll just have to repeat what other people have said and say that I'd like button controls, more colours and better waterproofing. What I don't need is a GPS and barometer. My phone has a GPS already and I've never felt the need to have a second one on my watch, and I don't know what I'd use a wrist-mounted barometer for in the first place. The heart-rate sensor is nice, though.

    This could probably be added to the JS2 through a patch, but I'd really like to be able to configure my watch apps remotely. Dealing with the Bangle's tiny touch-screen is a pain, and it would be really nice if I could do most of my interaction via Gadgetbridge or another app so that I have a larger interface to work with, and mostly use the watch for output.

  • hi,
    if possible, please add NFC to BJ v3.

    with that, may be we can replace yubico key with BJ v3.
    and use xxx pay, xxx door card with a single device?

    ps: google previously have titan key provied in NFC and bluetooth version.


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I demand BangleJS3!

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