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    Thanks for giving it a try!

    That example does this, right?

            adc_raw[0][0] = adc1_get_raw(ADC1_EXAMPLE_CHAN0);
            ESP_LOGI(TAG_CH[0][0], "raw  data: %d", adc_raw[0][0]);
            if (cali_enable) {
                voltage = esp_adc_cal_raw_to_voltage(adc_raw[0][0]­, &adc1_chars);
                ESP_LOGI(TAG_CH[0][0], "cali data: %d mV", voltage);

    So we are still using adc1_get_raw in both cases? And I guess it returns something other than 4095 or 0 when you run the example?

    Hard to know really - I'm off next week so I won't get a chance to give this a try, but I wonder if it's related to pin state? Like if you could check the contents of the various registers for GPIO0 in the example and Espruino I wonder if they are the same?

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    Yes, I'd be a bit concerned about the free tiers having been bitten by Travis once. But I think there's a real possibility of for instance only making these server-related ESP32 offerings available to Patreon supporters.

    I really like the idea of more products, but as you say it's more work - also more stock and risk. I think if I felt there was really a gap in what I was offering (for example Wifi boards) I'd definitely go there though. With a few carefully made boards I can go a long way towards doing a lot of what people want.

    Although for example I'd love to make a new Pixl board with the really nice 400x300 4 color st7301 displays we found and a case, but I have at least 500 Pixls in stock at the moment, which is £15,000 - and I'm less likely to sell those if there's a new, better board out there.

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    Hi! Great - I'm glad you're liking it! I think you might be the first buyer!

    For anyone interested - I'm on holiday next week but when I get back I'll be adding a 'plus' kit to the shop that has a few more connectors, a screwdriver and battery (it's still an identical board to this), but at that point I'll start trying to advertise Jolt.js a bit more!

    Is there a way to use them as dry-contact outputs (as a Normally Open Relay would do) ?

    I'm not entirely sure I get what you mean, but I don't think so, no.

    The motor driver IC is https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/drv884­7.pdf

    The 8 outputs on the terminal block can be pulled up/down or left open (but not connected together like relay contacts). Even when they're open circuit, there are still clamp diodes to the power rails.

    There are 2x FET outputs on the Qwiic connectors which at least are only clamped to 0v, but I think that's unlikely to be what you need either and I wouldn't advise using them for anything too heavy duty.

    If you really want a truly isolated switch-style output, I think your best bet is just to attach a small relay to the terminal block, and then you can switch whatever you want (including mains).

    I looked for the schematic

    Ahh, sorry - just added to https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoBoar­d/tree/master/Jolt.js

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    Have you thought of making Espruino able to execute precompiled bytecode?

    There are a few different options in Espruino. The easiest is 'pretokenised code' which works right now on ESP32 - it speeds up the parsing a lot.

    There's also the ability to write JS or C and have it compiled with an optimising compiler https://www.espruino.com/InlineC or https://www.espruino.com/Compilation - but that's only for boards I sell

    There's also a proper JIT compiler which is only used in ARM-based board that I sell

    Those could all be extended to RISC-V - but the JIT is a lot of work, and the Inline C / Compilation use up a bunch of server time. I provide that for free for boards that I sell, but I can't do that for people that are using it for free.

    The dual licensing is an option, yes... But that would require hundreds of companies to be willing to pay a license fee, and I think it's a while before we'd get there.

    But the thing is, whenever anyone has ideas for ways to make money on ESP32, they're almost always talking about finding ways to make money off someone else.

    And I feel like that's a big problem - maybe I'm wrong but I think the reality is that you and most other ESP32 users probably would never really consider paying any money for use of the software. And even if you did (lets say you'd stretch to $5 which is probably unlikely) you'd expect that to include a certain level of support - and $5 doesn't pay for much of anyone's time!

    • just to add to this there are ESP32 users that are happy to contribute, and I know some of you via donations or Patreon, which I do hugely appreciate. It's more about trying to make this a bit more sustainable
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    Despite its name it seems that might be a Bangle.js 1 build

    Ahh - sorry! It's just that it reports its name to the App Loader as BANGLEJS and not BANGLEJS2.

    This one is fixed:

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    Is it really a big deal to install a stopwatch app?

    I think there's a concern that many people wouldn't like the 'default' stopwatch and are then stuck with it even if they then install a new one.

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    but get no bluetooth connection :D

    Is the Bangle still connected to other phone? It can only accept one connection at a time.

    When you connect from a web browser, you shouldn't have the Bangle paired with the OS (on some devices I think that can hide it from the browser). Definitely if you're connected to it with Gadgetbridge you can't use the browser, you have to use the app loaded within Gadgetbridge.

    I suppose its something for geeks.

    To be fair, Bangle.js out of the box with basically any stock Android phone.

    If you're a geek enough to have installed GrapheneOS and LineageOS on all your devices, and only use Chromite, then yes, I guess you might need a bit more fiddling - but I think that'll be true with pretty much any device!

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    Wow, that's awesome! I guess if you just ground off the Bangle's existing strap mount lugs then you could do them as part of the print without bulking it up too much?

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    the build you once made that would install apps on the internal storage

    I did one recently for someone else - try this! This one uses only internal flash, not external too (as there were issues there as @Ganblejs has pointed out).