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    What Espruino device would you be using to send the data?

    Personally, I'd say it's best to use a peripheral that can stream out data bits in one long chunk rather than relying on bit-bashing - so most likely SPI (or on nRF52 we use the I2S peripheral for neopixels).

    So then you just build up a bit stream in an array and send that array to Espruino to send.

    On nRF52 that may be slightly more problematic (I'm not sure we can guarantee SPI doesn't have pauses), but if that is an issue, I could expose the code that's used for neopixels, because under the hood that's exactly what we do there on all platforms - just stream out a long string of bits without any gaps.

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    Thanks, that's very kind of you - but I am sorry you had the extra payment though.

    I've just found your order and we'll look into it. It looks like DHL messed something up there as we should have provided them with all the docs needed to have it clear customs without extra charges.

    I pay quite a lot of money every year just for the privilege of paying European VAT for customers, not to mention the accounting burden of 20 different VAT rates - and what's the point when the receiving company charges VAT a second time, and not only that but VAT on the VAT, just to add insult to injury.

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    Wow, looks great!

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    Thanks for documenting this!

    It looks like this is free service of github, not sure what are the limitations.

    Well, if I haven't hit limitations yet, I doubt you will! It does seem 'too good to be true' really :)

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    Hi - someone commented asking this yesterday as well on a GitHub issue: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i­ssues/718

    Was that you, or someone else?

    Probably best if we chat about it on that issue - I'll post an update there in a minute

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    In the UK it's £76.80 (basically the same as your 90 EUR as it's got the UK's 20% VAT applied), plus the postage which is

    but I paid the double price with tax and vat and postage

    Really? You're in the EU? I just checked what the shop says to send to Germany and:

    DHL Europe (duty paid) (Weight: 0.11kg) - 66.60€
    International Tracked & Signed (Weight: 0.11kg) - 17.78€
    International Tracked (Weight: 0.11kg) - 17.78€

    So maybe you chose the DHL express option? Did you have to pay DHL any customs duties as well? Those should have already been paid - if you did maybe email contact@espruino.com and we'll try and reimburse you.

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    g.setFont('6x8:5x9') is slow, maybe

    It shouldn't be - the call itself will be fast, and upscaling the built-in font should be reasonably quick

    Bangle.on('touch', function (b, xy) { xxl.stop(); }); does not really work.

    It should - maybe add some prints to the rendering function and see if it really is taking ages.

    Must I undo the setWatch

    Not with load(), no. You'd asked on another post about vars, but basically load() tears everything down so you don't have to worry.

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    So you're saying that normal notifications work fine, you're just not getting call notifications?

    What about if you go into Gadgetbridge on Android, click Debug, then Incoming Call. Do you see anything then?