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  • My top wishes would be:

    • 3 or ideally 4 buttons
    • 64 color display like pebble
    • waterproof enough to handle light splashes like when washing hands with no problems
    • good/reliable bluetooth
    • no sensors that'll make watch thicker(like hr), for me it's better to have a thinner watch
    • ideally - a bit curved case design for better fit on the hand

    • software: maybe some option to reverse the watch interface(like text&images) if someone would like buttons to face another direction(this depends on the layout, if there are 2x2 buttons than it doesn't matter)

    • microphone would be nice for voice notes, but not sure how this goes with waterproofing, i mean there should be options for some waterproof membranes but maybe these are too pricey, idk


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