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    I measured the times of the launch.app.js parts:

    head....:    5
    settings:  204
    font....:    2
    apps....: 1168
    draw....:    2
    clear...:   27
    widgets.:  895
    scroller:  145
    rest....:    9
    TOTAL:    2439

    I know this totally depends on you number of apps and widgets, but if we could make widgets optional(maybe a setting?) and load the applist at boot, the menu would load in 376ms instead of 2439ms...

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    I think I was talking to the author via GitHub last week (I can't find the conversation now). But they added the apps inside the single clock because they didn't like the way it took around 1 second to switch apps and they wanted to load them faster by loading without going through Bangle.js.

    FYI: We talked about those loading times, but that was about the calendar (and soon music control) feature of Clockcal

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    [not really, but I oftenthink about it]
    If the watch were a smartphone, you should by now announce the next iteration of Bangle :)

    I haven't really followed the Kickstarters and I'm pretty new to owning a Bangle2 myself, so I have no Idea how the whole philosophy for introding new watches is.

    I there a place for feedback? Is a 3rd version planned? (soon, next year, in 3 years, maybe eventually, never)

    In my opinion, the Bangle2 is already a masterpiece and almost perfect:

    My battery lasts a little longer than a week of standard usage (I can charge it every Sunday night)
    The watch is super lightweight.
    Having standard-straps is a plus.
    It's always on. Readable in sunlight. Color display.
    Enough memory for my needs. Enough speed for my needs. Enough water resistance for my needs.

    There is just one thing that I miss: having the 3+1 Buttons that I had with my pebble. Man, i would KILL for a few buttons :)
    It's not that THIS touch screen is horrible to use... In my experience ALL watch touch screens are hard to use. Controlling music on the bike: With buttons always easy. Didn't even have to look at the display.
    Buttons always give that tactile feedback that you hit exactly what you wanted to hit :)

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    I dont know why the pebble stuff is handled by "Thread-6" while bangle by "Binder:20250_A"...
    That's the only difference in the log I think COULD be important.

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    At least that would be my guess. I'll try to reacitvate my pebble this weekend and see if there are any differences, now that I know how to look for a log :)

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    Update: I tried, but failed:

    I added some code to the android.boot.js: (No pull request, because it obviously doesn't work)

        function gbSend(message) {
            return message.n
        Bangle.messageResponse = (msg, response) => {
            if (typeof response == "boolean") {
                if (msg.id == "call") return gbSend({ t: "call", n: response ? "ACCEPT" : "REJECT" });
                if (isFinite(msg.id)) return gbSend({ t: "notify", n: response ? "OPEN" : "DISMISS", id: msg.id });
                if (isFinite(msg.id)) return gbSend({ t: "notify", n: "REPLY", msg: response, id: msg.id });
            } else return false;

    (If response is a string -> send it as REPLY. I also added return (ACCEPT/REJECT/OPEN/DISMISS/REPLY, so that whatever triggers Bangle.messageResponse() gets feedback if the response was understood)

    When I respond "OK", I am getting this in my gadgetbridge.log:

    09:45:09.002 [Binder:4929_1] INFO  n.f.g.s.d.b.BangleJSDeviceSupport - UART RX LINE: {"t":"notify","n":"REPLY","msg":"OK","id­":1646979166}
    09:45:09.002 [Binder:4929_1] INFO  n.f.g.s.AbstractDeviceSupport - Got NOTIFICATION CONTROL device event
    09:45:09.002 [Binder:4929_1] INFO  n.f.g.s.AbstractDeviceSupport - Got notification reply for notification id 1646979166 : OK

    looks very promising, but DOES NOT send a reply to the whatsapp contact.

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    I had this problem too: (today)
    I am using my own watchface, but I also encountered this with the stock watchface.

    I am on 2.12.89 with >50 battery

    1. time frozen (i think)
    2. didnt react to tap
    3. didnt react to short button press
    4. didnt react to 2 seconds button press
    5. didnt react to Gadgetbridge find my watch
    6. did react to disconnect (via gadgetbridge). After that, it was usable again.

    I think there multiple issues in this thread:
    -Clock offset multiple minutes (but still updating)
    -Watch not responsive to touch/buttons
    -Watch completely frozen (no Bluetooth)

    In case of the nonresponsive watch, the watchface shouldn't make a difference... Unless it is completely broken and someone bricks the event-handling.

    If I ever encounter this problem again, I will try to disconnect GB and do some tests with the IDE. But if I remember correctly, my watch DID react to my GB-Disconnect by buzzing. (I have that feature in my watchface) I think I even got the debug line "<- Bluetooth" that offset my whole screen :)
    Unfortunately, even though it happened ~5 minutes ago, I don't remember the important details:

    • was the clock running behind or frozen?
    • was the clock updating after the disconnect? Was it behind?
    • was the button/touch/twist responsive after the disconnect?
      All I can tell is, that after the reconnect, everything was back to normal. (no reboot!)

    In two weeks, this was the third time of a nonresponsive watch. The first two times, I was very busy setting it up, switching between apploader, IDE and GB. So I didn't really notice and it was gone in a second after reconnecting.

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    One thing from the Pebble that I miss most, is the reply function. A simple 👍/👎/📵 would be enough until I have the time to eplain myself in detail.

    I've looked into the message app and found what the buttons do:
    _ Bangle.messageResponse(msg,true/false);

    Then I looked into the android/boot.js:
    ...return gbSend({ t: "notify", n:response?"OPEN":"DISMISS", id: msg.id });

    As I understand from there, Gadgetbridge could handle the reply.
    t:"notify", id:int, n:"DISMISS,DISMISS_ALL/OPEN/MUTE/REPLY",­ if REPLY can use tel:string(optional), msg:string

    Having only a very basic understanding of bluetooth, JS, the espruino,... I am really not comfortable, "messing" with the core android module.
    If I tried to code it, it would (mostly because of that limited experience/testing-hardware) likely only work for me (BanjgleJS2, msg.src=="Whatsapp", Gadgetbridge). So.. a lot of work and almost useless for the community. While my code usually "works", I it's still on the level of my first homepage in the 90s :)

    Are there any plans to implement the reply feature anytime soon? (Is there a roadmap?)
    I know, the cool thing with opensource is: If you don't like it, fork it and/or make a pull request. (But having my own, non-maintained copy would be my last option)
    Disclaimer: This is no complaint, no demand or really anything :)