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    As variant, you can create something similar to Apple Health: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_(Ap­ple)
    It's not about a complete copy, but about some of the ideas from there.

    Apple Health is aggregator app that comes out of the box and can collect some activity statistics + including electronic health record (EHR) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic­_health_record.

    Similarly, let's say there will be one health-fitness application "Bangle Health" where you can view / configure the basic fitness activity and find out statistics, upload data from the watch to the computer.
    It will also be possible to add some kind of minimal analogue of EHR:
    As a minimum, it would be nice to have at hand data on your blood group and Rh factor. Such data can be recorded from a computer to a watch, and as a last resort, medical staff will have the minimum necessary information about the owner of Bangle.js
    You can also give the opportunity to enter arbitrary data about your health, so that you can quickly find them. In theory, even if a person is unconscious, you can find such medical data on Bangle.js, since there is no protection on the watch.
    This problem exists: https://www.wikihow.com/Diagnose-an-Unco­nscious-Injured-Person

    In theory, such a small electronic health card on hand (in the form of Bangle.js), which is not tied to iOS or Android, could become an additional incentive to purchase of the watch.
    And such an application can be gradually supplemented and polished, as large companies do.

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    I do not agree with such a wording. To begin with, a lot of work was done on the choice of a suitable donor watch. Was conducted reverse engineering. As a result, I as a consumer got completely ready-to-work smart watch on Espruino + support and software updates for a specific watch model.

    Honestly, I personally have no time to do this. I think, like many other users. And this information (with the donor) was known from the very beginning.

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    (c) wiki: As of 2020, versions of the NPS are now used by two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies.

    So that's what it's called! Interesting, thanks for the link @HughB

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) - fits very well. In fact, on the one hand, this is an assessment for the apps on a wider scale (10 versus 5 stars), on the other hand, it is a recommendation. And here it is logical that the most recommended apps will be tagged "Recommended". Next, the top rate apps will be automatically collected in a separate tab-tag. In addition to such a recommendation, a small comment with an explanation should be written; without a comment, the rating cannot be increased or decreased. And such comments can be marked as #thumbs up - #thumbs down. Because comments can be out of date or false. @Gordon wrote about something similar above.

    And it may be psychologically more comfortable to rate NPS than classic rating stars. "A bad rating" and "a lack of recommendation" sounds different.

    If #thumbs up - #thumbs down is set as a rating for apps, then now I see problems with this. For example, we have 10 stopwatches apps and I like them all in their own way, I put everyone #thumbs up + comment. But most likely other users will want to see a more flexible rating system. It will also be a plus for the developer - it is clear that the app is just good/neutral, but not great.

    Download statistics are really not a very reliable metric. But I would still like to have such statistics at hand in the App Loader. It's interesting at least.

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    then even though I said I'm not that sure about it, I think a 'suggested' apps tag does make sense

    Well, it can be temporarily. Such a tag is now the fastest way to improve. And after the ratings and comments are added - the "Suggested" tag can be removed.

    Regarding how this tag should be called:

    For example, what about this: "Recommended by community"? Or "Suggested by community." Or "Approved by community." And here on the forum, open the topic and discuss which applications should be by such a tag. On the other hand, the discussion will require a time that can be spent on adding ratings and comments :)

    "Popular" - not bad. Pretty good option, by the way.
    Another ideas for the tag: "in trends".

    I would like to hear the opinions and ideas of other people.

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    I agree with a lot.

    Of course it is necessary to keep the main firmware and applications separate. And of course the community plays a very important role. By the way, there is a wonderful community around Espruino :) I hope it will grow.

    By basic functions, I mean fitness features when comparing Bangle.js to serial fitness trackers.
    Perhaps, a set of the best fitness applications should be initially installed, which will out of box and can then be safely removed or replaced. But these are just thoughts, ideas.

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    @Gordon Movement in the right direction! As I see there are a lot of ideas.
    About screenshots on the watch itself - everything is also true, people in the future need some kind of convenient mechanism for that.

    @Abhigkar That's right, but let's think wider. Bangle.js can already be used as a fitness tracker.

    For example, I constantly record bike rides and steps with GPS, then transfer the data to Strava. I have a cheap fitness tracker, but now I don't need it.

    If there are standard, reliable fitness apps, then this will have a positive effect on the sales Bangle.js, because it will be at min a cute, durable, moisture-resistant fitness tracker that does not collect unnecessary data about the user. Yes, it might expand the number of non-tech users, but that's great!
    On the other hand, for non-technical users, UX (user experience) should be very good: out of the box, basic functions should work stably.

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    Thanks for the links! Now I know that my Bangle.js is a programmable tactical military watch with a sapphire 3D-glass and fitness tracker functions :)
    Actually, it sounds cool!

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    If the quality of the apps affects watch returns, then that's another matter entirely. In this case, you can think about ratings (for example, the ability to point only thumbs up, no negative ratings), with all due respect to the developers :)

    Or it would be nice to make sure that the rating cannot be given without comment. If you don't like the app then write why do you give a low rating? Perhaps this will motivate the developer to improve the application.

    And one more thing: what if in the future there will be several times more apps? For such a case, you will definitely need sorting by rating or other convenient quality criteria.

    Alternatively, you can add the "Recommended" or "Best of" Tab right now and specify the best apps there. What are the quality criteria? This is a separate question :)

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    Nice topic!
    I also thought that it would be great to see statistics on app downloads or something.

    But stars app ratings are most likely not needed, as it would seem rude to developers who are enthusiasts and work for free. Instead, I would like to have comments for each application or a link to the author's repository to provide feedback, report bugs and suggest development ideas.

    Moreover, I would transfer money to some authors for coffee, since they turned out very good apps! On GitHub, it seems that it is possible to attach donations to the repository. In general, financial gratitude is like giving 5 stars.