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    My pal craft a DIY strap. Check it out!

    A metal pins from a default strap that broke.

    Link to archive with 3d model of the pin holder;

    Basic 3d model print options:
    Material - PLA;
    Layer height - 0.12 mm;
    Bottom layers - 99999;
    Top/Bottom pattern - Concentric;
    Print speed - 20 mm/s;
    Overhang angle - 75 deg.;
    Build plate adhesion - Skirt;

    To get the best quality orient model vertically.

    Checkered green canvas have half an inch by square.

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    Well, these are just thoughts, suddenly there will be a wider choice among donors for the next B.js watch :)

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    Also patches themselves would need maintaining if an app changed as they may then not apply cleanly. Not to mention how painful they would be to debug or change.

    There's more to think about, but the simplest solution is to explicitly include the word "Patch" in the JSON of the application if it's a fork with minimal edits.

    There will be an agreement: if your new application is an almost complete clone with minimal edits, then you must definitely specify the word "Patch" in the JSON. Further, such forked new applications will be placed in the "Patches" tab, where there can be any number of identical applications with minimal edits. How about this?

    Ideally, there will be automation: a new app is being checked for a code match, if the code base matches by 80% (suppose), then the new app is automatically assigned the word "Patch" in its JSON, also can add a small ID in the form of a hash to the name. And all this is automatic.

    Further, the author of the main origin app could use such patches for their origin app or ignore thats "patches" :)

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    In general, it would be nice to have a separate section in the App store with 'Patches'. Where would be a small additions to existing applications or duplicate applications with some changes.

    It's would be like that: BT status widgets - patch 0.1
    or that: BT status widgets - color patch
    next: BT status widgets - awesome patch

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    Yes, I know the specs of the watch. No, I do not expect a completely different watch than B.js 2, I need a low-power microcontroller on my wrist, but with additional features.

    About the premium price: I'm willing to reasonably overpay for the things that are needed: Qi, speaker, larger AoD screen, different case, different GPS module.
    And above, I gave examples of premium prices, relatively speaking, this is from $ 300 and more, this is not at all x1.5-1.7 B.js2 price.

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    And to be honest, cheapest version of Apple watches costs $ 250 - $ 300, and the max is > $ 800

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    Yes, there are no problems if you do not load the watch, but I constantly use timers, voracious watch faces, so I charge my B.js2 1-2 times a week. And now I not use GPS every day, as I did with the first B.js.

    With Qi will be very convenient. Let's say I have a power bank with Qi, which can be used to charge both the phone and the watch while traveling. Some phones even have Reverse Wireless Charging.

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    Yes, I understand, but the Qi charger can be sold separately, in general, it’s good if it is possible to charge the future model both by wire and without wire by Qi.

    Let's say there will be 2 models on sale, the old one will be cheaper, and the new one will be more expensive (pro version). On the contrary, I would like a more thoughtful device, even more expensive ( x 1.2, x 1.5, x 1.7 $). With a simple good speaker, good vibro, fast GPS, with case which can be simply disassembled and replaced with parts, no oxidized contacts, and so on. But inside there should be a low-power SoC and more biggest AoD screen.

    If someone needs a minimalistic Open Source watch, at the cheapest price, then this is PineTime, with all their limitations.

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    Looks really great!
    In this form factor, it's really cool!

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    To load apps, you need to disconnect the iPhone and either use a laptop/desktop, or install the $2 WebBLE app

    I will add:
    to install apps from an iPhone to B.js, you can install a free app Connect Browser https://apps.apple.com/us/app/connect-br­owser/id1543475842
    with which you can also use https://www.espruino.com/ide/

    And before install apps from an iPhone to B.js you need to disconnect the watch from bluetooth iPhone settings and connect to ConnectBrowser app EACH TIME.