Any Bangle JS 2 compatible screen protectors?

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  • @Gordon Yes, it from a Japanese protection film maker. I already had asked them if it is OK to disclose there name on forum in advance, there is no reply over a month.

    This maker has campaign "For make protection film for every device, if you send us your device that we haven't data, we made film and send back with it as free".

    I think this campaign is mostly for ad and data-collection, not all sent item begin to sell. But there is still possibility to they start sales in market, that why I didn't re-measure the sample myself and share the dimensions on here.

  • Oh... I found they already started sales without notifying me direct.
    ( Only one link posted on their Twitter, it linked to Instagram, that linked to page from there. Are they really willing to sales? )

    catalog is below:­ml?search=Bangle

    Looks many version listed than I thought, also there are curved-type("FLEX" in name). Again, mine is flat :(
    I'm not subtly convinced it, and I feel these are bit expensive, but I'll buy one and post again.

    By the way, I found other film maker selling very similar material under 2 USD, 4x5cm as "wet install test sample".­exibleag-shield.htm (info of sample is shown on last of page)
    If someone can cut it by oneself, it is enough size and also can cover wider than above visavis's.

  • Hi,

    I see many screen protectors for the following models:

    • Amazfit Bip lite
    • Amazfit Bip U Pro
    • Amazfit Bip S
    • Amazfit Bip S Lite

    It' hard to find out the exact dimensions of the displays in the Amazfit watches. So which of those has the best chances to fit?

  • Hello! Any news?

  • I have bought the cheapest and biggest "Hydrogel" protector on ebay. I think it was for Samsung Galaxy Note for 2,99€ shipped or something like that. Enough material for 8 Bangles :)

    Cut it roughly (some mm extra all around) with scissors. Then apply it to the bangle and wrap as good as possible. The stuff is relatively flexible. Then I have cut around the glass using an scalpel (exacto knife or sharp box cutter should work). The hydrogel does not create a perfectly flat surface, but that is only visible in some light conditions. Small (1mm radius) bubbles vanish on their own in about 2 days.

    !PATIENCE necessary!

    Do multiple light passes. To much pressure will make you slip and cut your fingers, the bangle case, or the protector over the glass. On my pictures you can see a little slip on the bottem right. It goes a little bit further on the case, but it is not easy to show on a picture.

    I had tried protectors for my BIP S, but screen curvature and outer corner radius is to different to work well.

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  • Wow, that looks excellent!

  • Wow, really nice, and great job ! (and really good looking watchface, is it in the App loader ? ;-) )

  • Hi @Alessandro,
    Apologies I'd forgotten to report on this all over cover from Aliexpress­92988.html
    Well, all I can say is: don't!
    It's a slightly flexible plastic that doesn't quite fit properly, and if I'd thought about it beforehand, predictably the screen cover, which doesn't make good contact with the screen, kills all touch!
    So, not at all suitable for a bangle.js. I'd take a photo, but it really isn't worth the effort!
    Sorry it's not good news, but hopefully that will save someone else a couple of pounds/euros/dollars.

  • Thanks, the watchface is a port and runs on the currently developed imageclock. The discussion on that is here: Thread

  • @bzd
    Sorry to hear that. Still thank you for your challenge and sharing report.

    I'd like to share my past test too, "Thingiverse - Cover xiaomi Amazfit bip" with PETG filament was almost fit( least not loose out, not move ) when I print with 101% size fix.

    Because of this test I had been optimistic about existing BIP products with flexible material...
    Now I'm not, give up to search BIP's one.

    Although, there is good news that @Gordon unveiled the 3d model of bangle.js2 body on GitHub.
    I change my direction to creating the original bumper from the data, with reference of above experience.

  • I'm checking out silicone covers for the bip - but they've taken ~2 months to arrive so far. I'll let you know when they do - if they're good then I'll start stocking them

  • I tested a few in silicone. They did take a while to arrive, but that's what happens when you order from China.
    The main advantage of these covers is that they protect the skin from contact with the charging pins, and protect the sides of the watch case, as well as the button.
    In the models in the picture, the ones with the circular hole are more fitted and fit perfectly to the Bangle2. Those with the square hole are a bit small.

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  • Nice - thanks! I believe the circular one is what I'd been hoping to test - no idea why it's taken so long to arrive.

    Now I just need to find out where to buy them from in bulk!

  • Hi! Just a heads up that gadgetwraps have a half-price sale on until Friday (29 April, 2022).
    This is due to them discontinuing their colour Pebble skins after nearly 10 years but the discount is on everything including the Amazfit Bip full screen clear protectors that I "reviewed" in­658/ (so they're $5 for two plus [cheap] postage, the discount doesn't show up until you look at the basket).­zfit-bip-full-clear-screen-protector-2-p­ack

  • looks like you guys all buy soft protectors.

    i just got one which is hard, so called glass protectors.

    size is 3.1cm x 2.5cm,
    there are still areas in the face that is not covered with it.
    you may order similar size but the above is a good start.

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  • Hi guys, any working links to order any screen protector or case which more or less fits? :)

  • first of all,
    will someone please tell if indeed is bangle.js v2 's physical size is EXACTLY identical to what popular models?
    amafit xxx?


  • @ccchan you have a Bangle.js 2 there yourself, so you could just measure it? There is also a CAD model of the case in­d/tree/master/Bangle.js2

    I don't have anything else considered a 'popular model' but I guess maybe someone else will measure theirs, or you could google for the size

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Any Bangle JS 2 compatible screen protectors?

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