Any Bangle JS 2 compatible screen protectors?

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  • Hey,

    I'm a fairly clumsy person and I really don't want to get my new device all scratched up. Are there any screen protectors I could use? Are there any devices of a similar size I could look for screen protectors for?

    I don't know much about the materials such things are made of - if I'm going to cut up one that's made for another device, what do I need to check to make sure the touch screen will still work?


  • Hi,
    I havent tested yet any of them as my Bangle is not yet in my hands, but I ve heard somewhere in this forum about, assuming the Bangle2 has a similar size as the Amazfit Bip (if anyone could confirm ?)

  • Amazfit bip seems like a possibility, however I did buy some screen protectors off Amazon to check and they seemed a tad too big (lifted at the corners).

    However I've heard from Bip owners that some screen protectors for the Bip actually do that anyway, so I think if you got a decent screen protector it might be fine

  • Cool, thanks - I'll grab one off Amazon and see how well it fits.

  • I'm also really interessted in a screen protector, please let me know if you found a good one

  • Hi all, I've got my Amazfit Bip gadgetwraps protectors at long last. They took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. In the meantime I got some much cheaper protectors from eBay and put on one Bangle.js 2 before wrapping it up as a gift, in order to protect the screen at least until the gadgetwraps ones arrived. I've put a gadgetwraps protector on my one since then.

    I've used gadgetwraps a few times over the years of owning Pebbles, and I have found they are consistently much better than other watch screen protectors bought on Amazon or eBay. They don't peel at the edge and basically look better for about a year rather than a couple of months.
    Having said that, the Bangle.js 2's screen is much more curved at the edge, so it remains to be seen how soon they peel. I don't know what the difference is about them going on wet, but once dried they do seem to be more solid than other protectors I've tried.

    I'll attach some photos, but my impressions are good for both these protectors to be honest. They are both pretty much identical sizes -- note, neither actually goes from the very edge to edge of the glass part of the screen, but do go about halfway down the curved part. They both seem to have stuck well around the curve, but I suspect the gadgetwraps one will last longer around here, since it sort of dries into shape. I don't know this for sure.

    On the left:
    Gadgetwraps protector­amazfit-bip-skins-and-protectors/product­s/amazfit-bip-full-clear-screen-protecto­r-2-pack
    Cost $10 USD for 2 + $1.99 USD shipping to UK. This cost me £9.03 (actually I bought 2 packs of 2 since there are two Bangles involved, so slightly more cost effective: $21.99 => £16.56).

    On the right:
    evmshop Screen Protector
    This says it is curved, but it isn't really. It does stick round the curved screen okay.
    Cost £3.48 for three. Somewhat cheaper than the gadgetwraps ones!

    Photos to follow...

  • The lighting really highlights the dust! Neither looked anywhere near as dusty in real life.

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  • pic 2

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  • pic 3

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  • pic 4 from the left side

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  • Hey! Thanks for the detailed review! I am also interested in the additional protection of the screen Bangle.js v2

  • I bought the cheapest screen protector that I could find, for the smartwatch B57 and Amazfit Bip. It doesn't go over the bevel, so maybe won't go off easily.

    Bought on brazil/latam market place mercado livre:­1386737616-pelicula-para-smartwatch-b57-­e-amazfit-bip-kit-2-unidades-_JM

    Took me two tries to apply well because it's hard to peel the protective plastic (maybe that's why they send two: one is for practicing).

  • Thanks bzd, I love GadgetWraps on my pebble's experience but I had been hesitated until it becomes clear compatibility.

    Below is "low-reflection type" sample film I got in meantime.
    I lent my bangle to film maker for measurement its actual size.
    This maker selling curved film for BIP, but what I got as return is simple flat one... bit sad.

    Compared with clear type (GadgetWraps's one on pebble time steel), camera's reflection was disappeared. however, it not too blur on real view.

    And touch feeling is really smooth. If so as to attach importance to operability, matt type is worth a thought.

    After take this photo, I found some marks on concave surface on plastic frame.

    So I need not only film but also some case, or with skins.
    Please make it, GadgetWraps!

  • @akira_jp Hey! Something like this?

  • Has anyone tested this? Seems great! I'd totally buy one...

  • Not me. Still waiting for the delivery of my KS Bangle.js 2 :(

  • I thought something like here:­pebble-time-steel-skins-and-screen-prote­ctors

    Some of those Skins looks completely cover the gap between glass and frame.
    If it is difficult by Bangle's wider gap than PTS, separate type skin (for display + for frame) may still effective.

    I like the type of cases you suggested also.
    Unfortunately the maker I wrote above didn't share me the size data, so the cases compatibility is still unclear.

  • In the country where I am, Best Buy has a protector whose name I don't know that has worked well on my Pebble watch (RIP) and Bangle.js 1. Because the 2 is about the size of some Apple watches, the store has pre-cut sizes of its protector, now on my 2. No problems, and it's very hard to see it. It should last some years and be replaced for free if it starts to come off. The person who did the attachment works for the store's "Geek Squad."

  • I have never really worn watches consistently (at least in the past 2 decades). How essential is a screen protector? This thread has got me a little concerned.

  • I don't think it's essential, even on a scratch you can polish to fix, just like a regular watch.

    The exception are something like bezel dents, as @akira_jp highlighted on his last image. I had a samsung galaxy fit that after a while got a few marks on the side, but wasn't worth covering with a case.

    But as I intend to use the bangle on a day-to-day basis, not just for sports, I'm trying to take as many precautions as I can without raising issues.

  • The massive problem with most smart watches, including Pebbles, is that the glass screen sticks out above the bezel and body of the watch. Traditional watches, espectially ones meant to be worn(!), have largely had a bezel that is raised higher than the glass. This prevents most bumps or knocks (which happens to something strapped to the end of a flailing arm!) from reaching the glass. It seems to me a case of cosmetics over practicality. Before Pebble I had a Timex Datalink USB which was a rugged watch, but suffered from bespoke half-plastic straps and limited functionality compared bluetooth connections (although battery lasted a couple of years).

    Gadgetwraps have some skins for Amazfit Bip but whilst they do go down the curved edge, they don't look like they reach right to each edge. Is it also possible the Bangle.js 2 has a millimetre bigger screen than Amazfit Bip? The gadgetwraps clear protector doesn't cover the screen quite as much as the photo on the website suggests. I've never actually seen a real Bip to know!

    I'm less bothered about the case getting bumped and dented -- it's going to happen sometime or another (although the steel Pebbles were excellent, the never-made Pebble Time 2 would have been my final smartwatch... if they'd ever made them)!
    A cracked/smashed screen is more of a problem though, so I think it's worth putting something on the screen to soften the blow just in case. Tempered glass is great for taking most an impact but that's not going to happen for a screen with a curved edge.

    One word of warning with polishing screens with small scratches, the later Pebbles had a special anti-reflective coating which looked very obviously missing if you tried to polish out a scratch, I don't know if there's any coating on the Bangle.js 2, perhaps something to reduce fingerprints given it's a touch screen? Alternatively, I've found that some obvious looking scratches almost disappear when you put a soft (i.e. flexible) protector on top of it.


    I also got the 44mm version and put that on my B2, but it's too big. 42 should be just right.

  • This one looks like it's for Amazfit Bip (rather than the newer Amazfits):­92988.html

    Not expensive, I've ordered one that says it'll arrive Feb 11. I'll let you know if it fits then!

  • @akira_jp you had someone make a custom one for you? That still looks like a good fit so it'd be great to be able to let others buy those from somewhere...

    The bumpers look really interesting, but I wonder whether you'd ever get a decent fit from one made for another device? It should be totally possible to 3D print one though - some places like 3dhubs will 3D print a rubber(ish) for you as well for a pretty reasonable price.

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Any Bangle JS 2 compatible screen protectors?

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