• I have bought the cheapest and biggest "Hydrogel" protector on ebay. I think it was for Samsung Galaxy Note for 2,99€ shipped or something like that. Enough material for 8 Bangles :)

    Cut it roughly (some mm extra all around) with scissors. Then apply it to the bangle and wrap as good as possible. The stuff is relatively flexible. Then I have cut around the glass using an scalpel (exacto knife or sharp box cutter should work). The hydrogel does not create a perfectly flat surface, but that is only visible in some light conditions. Small (1mm radius) bubbles vanish on their own in about 2 days.

    !PATIENCE necessary!

    Do multiple light passes. To much pressure will make you slip and cut your fingers, the bangle case, or the protector over the glass. On my pictures you can see a little slip on the bottem right. It goes a little bit further on the case, but it is not easy to show on a picture.

    I had tried protectors for my BIP S, but screen curvature and outer corner radius is to different to work well.


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