• Hi all, I've got my Amazfit Bip gadgetwraps protectors at long last. They took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. In the meantime I got some much cheaper protectors from eBay and put on one Bangle.js 2 before wrapping it up as a gift, in order to protect the screen at least until the gadgetwraps ones arrived. I've put a gadgetwraps protector on my one since then.

    I've used gadgetwraps a few times over the years of owning Pebbles, and I have found they are consistently much better than other watch screen protectors bought on Amazon or eBay. They don't peel at the edge and basically look better for about a year rather than a couple of months.
    Having said that, the Bangle.js 2's screen is much more curved at the edge, so it remains to be seen how soon they peel. I don't know what the difference is about them going on wet, but once dried they do seem to be more solid than other protectors I've tried.

    I'll attach some photos, but my impressions are good for both these protectors to be honest. They are both pretty much identical sizes -- note, neither actually goes from the very edge to edge of the glass part of the screen, but do go about halfway down the curved part. They both seem to have stuck well around the curve, but I suspect the gadgetwraps one will last longer around here, since it sort of dries into shape. I don't know this for sure.

    On the left:
    Gadgetwraps protector
    Cost $10 USD for 2 + $1.99 USD shipping to UK. This cost me £9.03 (actually I bought 2 packs of 2 since there are two Bangles involved, so slightly more cost effective: $21.99 => £16.56).

    On the right:
    evmshop Screen Protector
    This says it is curved, but it isn't really. It does stick round the curved screen okay.
    Cost £3.48 for three. Somewhat cheaper than the gadgetwraps ones!

    Photos to follow...

  • Hey! Thanks for the detailed review! I am also interested in the additional protection of the screen Bangle.js v2


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