• Oh... I found they already started sales without notifying me direct.
    ( Only one link posted on their Twitter, it linked to Instagram, that linked to page from there. Are they really willing to sales? )

    catalog is below:

    Looks many version listed than I thought, also there are curved-type("FLEX" in name). Again, mine is flat :(
    I'm not subtly convinced it, and I feel these are bit expensive, but I'll buy one and post again.

    By the way, I found other film maker selling very similar material under 2 USD, 4x5cm as "wet install test sample".
    https://www.pdakobo.com/review/shield/fl­exibleag-shield.htm (info of sample is shown on last of page)
    If someone can cut it by oneself, it is enough size and also can cover wider than above visavis's.


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