BangleJS 2 - Linus from Linus Tech Tips wants a BangleJS 2

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  • As mentioned here

    on the WAN show stream

    (1:14:35 in)

  • @Gordon seems like a good opportunity!

  • Wow! Good news. I also asked them to pay attention to the Bangle.js, but most likely they did not see my comment :)

  • This is great news! I'll get in touch with them when I return from holidays.

    Judging by some of their reviews I wonder if they'd end up roasting Bangle.js a bit - but we'll see - if they know what to expect then it could be great.

  • Yes, the main thing is to make it clear that Bangle.js is not an Apple Watch or an Amazfit Bip, but a completely different product with its own advantages and some similar functionality. Closer to Pebble watch (second version of Bangle.js), but completely open source.

  • I sent the merch message he read. He mentioned on the upside down build stream he was looking for a simple watch and missed his pebble.

  • Excellent - thanks! Just dropped them an email so we'll see.

    I won't send anything until I'm back anyway, and potentially I might try and update the menu system beforehand so it's a bit less fiddly ;)

  • Also, it might be a good idea to have a really good 'get started'. Perhaps it needs to be updated. For instance, swipe launcher is really good, also pattern launcher is good too and I have my pattern launcher to replace swipe launcher. If this was the default out of the box, it's very easy to understand.
    Step by step. Currently, the weakness is the initial setup in my opinion. Could the firmware load some sane defaults? Like swipe or pattern launcher, turn on step counter widget, install quiet time by default. I'm thinking if the initial setup is at a place where a noob can just play with the watch first, enough on the watch to see how it works without having to use the website.

  • Also, it might be a good idea to have a really good 'get started'

    What do you mean? You mean the apps that it comes with by default? Or just what is written on

  • Actually that's pretty good. One possible addition would be a suggested install list of possible first apps to install (I'd recommend (Multi-clock, Anton Clock, Quiet Mode Schedule and Widget, Auto widget hide). My second suggestion is the initial load doesn't include some settings by default on, like the step counter widget; this could happen when you do the next initial load for your next batch of watches. Obviously you'll load the newest firmware, perhaps having some of these settings by default would be a better initial load.

  • Yes, it would be nice to have more good pre-installed applications out of the box, more watch-faces + a couple of games like Clock-Tris. So that there is something to see before the app store, for a good first impression.
    Also, to demonstrate the possibilities, you can pre-install, for example: GPS Recorder, Thermometer, Compass, Pedometer widget.

  • well, in my case i was happy to receive the Bangle with not too much pre-installed apps, and then being able to wander and roam thru the different apps, to finally make it my own.
    And i ´m sure if we would ask everyone in this forum wich would have been their suggested pre-installed apps, everyone would have had a different list to suggest :-)

  • Yet to get one but I was thinking this will probably be me. I like simple, light defaults.

  • well, in my case i was happy to receive the Bangle with not too much pre-installed apps, and then being able to wander and roam thru the different apps, to finally make it my own.

    Yes, this was my thinking really. Half the fun is making it your own...

    The Wiki does have a list of suggested apps:­iki

  • Any updates? :-)

  • Afraid not - I've sent them two messages so far offering to send them a free one for testing and no reply!

  • Wow! Great! I hope he and the team get serious about testing, as some apps and widgets make a huge difference to the user experience for the better. For example, Pattern Launcher, Widget Editor, Touchscreen Calibration, etc.

    For example, how can you immediately understand that you can do such things: combine an alarm clock + a widget that will show the time until the alarm is activated?
    You can miss out on important things like automatic time calibration or the ability to backup and restore data. I hope Linus and his friends will get to such nuances.

    In general, I hope that the potential of the Bangle.js2 will be fully revealed!

  • That's awesome! I finally managed to get in contact (for some reason previous attempts to email them didn't work) and send them one, so we'll see what happens.

    I asked them to get in touch if there were any questions whatsoever, but obviously they'll want to remain impartial. But the fact Linus is wearing it is great!

    To a certain extent, even if he gives a scathing review it still makes others aware of its existence (but obviously I'd prefer they love it)

  • Hi - just an update on this. LTT won't be featuring the Bangle - Linus did try it for a day or two (as you noticed!) but he found it too hard to use and buggy and so doesn't want to review it.

    So close!

    It's a bit of an eye-opener though - it feels like we go through phases of pushing for specific features (eg improving lunch time, configurable keyboards, messages, etc) and honestly probably the best thing we could do is to really focus on the experience for new users.

  • It is a pity that the BJS2 watch is not tested by Anthony Young from the LTT team, because he is more geeky and technically advanced.

    That's right, for most users, BJS watch should be as friendly as possible right out of the box, and advanced users can always customize the watch for themselves.

    A simple case: let's say I'm not a technical user with an iPhone, I took the watch out of the box, and what's next? Where are the applications? That is, I have to google to understand that I cannot install apps from the browser, that I still need to buy an additional application just to install something on my watch. Full support only for android users, given that there are quite a lot of users with an iPhone, and it is not known whether there will be an analogue of GadgetBridge at all? Is popularization possible without full support for both platforms?

    There are some things that are not obvious, for example, I have to disconnect the bluetooth every time to install something from the BJS app store.

    Perhaps if the watch came with a booklet for use and settings, it would be a little easier for non-technical users to master? Since after setting the clock becomes much better than those that go by default, it’s hard to understand in a few days.

    Perhaps we need a separate thread where we will to discuss such problems, if there is a desire to expand the audience. I don't want watches to be just for geeks, on the contrary, it would be nice if the number of owners became more :)

  • It is a pity that the BJS2 watch is not tested by Anthony Young

    Yes, he would have been more likely to be into it - but I guess it's Linus that decides what gets reviewed.

    Perhaps we need a separate thread where we will to discuss such problems

    Yes, although I have a feeling it might just turn into a big long list of complaints without being super useful. We'll see. So far few of the complaints I have had have been very specific - where they are I tend to fix the docs pretty much the same day.

    I'd hoped that the wiki at­iki would have ended up being a good resource, but despite the large amount of people that requested it, only 3 people apart from me have ever edited it.

  • Its time, that Tim Cook will finally wear a real smartwatch :-)

  • I think there are some things that are just currently different from other watches. BangleJS works more or less independently from the phone. You can get the App Loader pretty much running instantly to upload apps which is awesome.
    BUT: My first thought when I got it brand new was: How the heck do I connect it to my Android?
    e.g. doesn't feature detailed steps for iOS or Android users.
    Also it might need to be considered to feature the device as a developer watch for enthusiasts. The handling over all is a bit clunky. e.g. the touch screen seems to be not that responsive and exact. But, despite that I love it because I know that I can program everything I dreamed about myself and don't have to pay 300€ for it.
    I always take the Pebble as a reference. They were really good in making the user feel like you got a bit of an Apple Watch but with the device sepecifications of a low cost watch plus programmability. And I have to say: programmability of the BangleJS is much easier that it was with the Pebble. Also I have a better feeling reagarding what's open sourced considering the hell the Rebble guys must went through.
    Also maybe a good idea would be to link the getting started guide with a page that shows detailed use cases. With all the widgets and apps new uses might get overwhelmed pretty quickly. e.g. users could create wiki pages where each page describes the watch screen and the apps they use. So new users get an idea of how they can use the device for their purposes.

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BangleJS 2 - Linus from Linus Tech Tips wants a BangleJS 2

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