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    Ok so a little bit later than expected but a new PR with good update is opened :-)
    If there are any suggestions for features please let me know!

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    Thanks! Yeah I am a bit busy atm but expect a small rewrite of codebase and proper readme based on @mu1 's steps soon!

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    I think patern launcher should take priority on the watchface. Only if no paterns are recognised should the event pass to the watchface. So perhaps we can force the drag/touch eventlistener of the widget to be on top of the listener array and cancel the event if a patern is recognised or something like that.

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    Yes can report that my watch is now fixed as well. Neat :-)

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    Hey quick question. The launcher seems to work very good on the default watchface, but it works unreliably on the LCARS clock. Has anyone tried this? Perhaps the LCARS swipe action that contolls the timer interfereces with the widget?

    Edit: I haven't tested the new version yet so let me get back on this.

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    Hey there! I'd like to present my first app: Presentor :-)

    I am learning to be a teacher. I have some trouble keeping myself to time and its quite easy to lose track of it. For this reason I thought it a good idea to get a watch. While thinking about buying a watch my dad came across the bangle2 and I was instantly sold. With this thing I couldn't just see the time but I could program it to make some tracker for my lessons. So this is exactly what I did and why I did it.

    What is it:
    With presentor you use bluetooth HID connection (just directly connect bluetooth on your laptop/tablet/computer when the app is open) to go through your slides.
    This while also having smart timers and a memory aid for your different presentation parts.
    Here you can for instance say you want to take 5 minutes for your introduction and then 10 minutes for content or whatever.
    While going through your parts you also get a rest timer that counts the surplus or deficit of total time you have for your presentation so you can adjust accordingly during your next slides.

    Use the bangle app interface to describe your presentation (parts)
    Open the app and (re)connect the bluetooth to enable HID.
    Swipe left or right to go forward and backwards in your presentation.
    Swipe up and down to go to the next presentation part (timer)
    Click the (middle) button to go into mouse mode.
    Here you can use your bangle similar to a touchpad.
    Click again to go back to presentation mode.

    For bangle 1 or 2 you can also hold the screen and use the accelerometer to move the mouse.

    I have opened the PR: [https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/p­ull/1199]
    You can test it already using: https://7kasper.github.io/BangleApps/#bl­uetooth

    The app is in beta and WIP, but if you like, please help me test the app and work out the kinks.
    Feature requests are also very welcome.

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    Ok I was quite stuuupid again... Left gadgetbridge running. I can just copy the example from above, connect with bluetooth just fine and it works. Will make an app soon :-)