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  • I'm going to make more, and then experiment with making a setting that lets you pick a bunch of sci-fi fonts; like this one.­+Petch
    Perhaps random colour per minute, separate for hour and minutes.

    Graphics.prototype.setFontChakraPetch = function(scale) {
      // Actual height 43 (44 - 2)
    g.fillRect(0,0,g.getWidth(), g.getHeight());
    g.drawString("09", g.getWidth()/2);
    g.drawString("30", g.getWidth()/2, g.getHeight()/2);

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  • Might be good if you could share screenshots. The one I liked is:

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    • google_watch.png
  • Ya, that one is awesome. I'm going to try to make it once I can figure it out.

  • I love the one above - if anyone needs a hand to implement it let me know! I think it should be reasonably easy with an offscreen Graphics buffer and transparency.

  • @andiohn - I'd have a go at that (10:09) if you can find the right fonts on or 1001 fonts.

  • Hey @HughB,
    Check out Inter Black 900, for Cut Up and Nunito Sans for the Nike-Style 10:09.­+Sans?query=nun
    Probably, Bold 700 or so. Roboto is close too.­

  • I think maybe Lato for the steps etc. Probably 2 different sizes.
    Can you post the link for the Inter Black 900 - I could not find it.

  • Same spot:
    You just need to choose the Black 900 option.
    Here's another idea too:

  • Wow, these are super interesting. I'd love something like this, a kind of astronaut style font/display etc.

    It's from here:­988/starfield-smartwatch-collectors-item­-manual-leak-bethesda-the-wand-company

  • This is the watchface from the Garmin fenix 7 watch.
    I will try to build something similar to this in the future.

    I once started working on this - it's far from looking good or being complete but i don't have the time to continue this. Maybe someone is motivated to make a watch out of this.

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  • Here's another interesting one.

  • Here's another of the fenix.

  • My Nerdic binary watch.
    Currently it is experimental on Bangle2, that is why this is B/W.
    For Bangle1 it will simulate red, green or blue LEDs.
    Or may be red for hours, green for minutes and blue for seconds.
    Or it will be too colorful? What do you think?

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  • @Mark_M Hi! How about adding a setting to switch between a color version and a black and white version? I would choose black and white ver.

  • Hi Serj, sure, it should not be a problem. I'll need to add app settings.

  • Rosewright A Watchface from Pebble

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    • Rosewright A _ Watchface.png
  • Here's another

  • The B2 screen has limitations in terms of how crisp images can be made, so many of these watch faces will look pretty dissappointing when attempted. The B2 has a 178x178 display where as most of these watches will be 380x380 or 400x400. The Amazfit GTS2 is 348x442.

  • Like it ! Could you have an option to put the time at the bottom, for when you can't be bothered to work it out :)

  • this looks like a photoshop job, it almost feels like you could peel the sticker off the front of the watch :)

  • Ya for sure. I think though that a lot could be decent. I mocked one up and it turned out ok. I'm going to go from just copying pictures to doing mock ups. That way, people could take what I made and make it if they like. Then while I'm learning how to do it, the ideas are out there :)

  • LOL yes, exactly, I've added that "normal time" to top, but removed for this screenshot :)

    I am thinking about couple of options for the normal time hint:
    a - configurable to always show on screen
    b - show on some activity like swipe or tap or shake
    c - show if one holds watch in "looking" position for too long, like 3-5 sec.

    what do you think?

    (I do not have experience with the events above, so it will be a learning curve for me)

  • Here more realistic version :)

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    • evangelion_pebble.png
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Watchface Ideas

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