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  • Close to LARS clock

  • Pretty cool!

  • I've uploaded Nerdic binary watch to my github App Loader­rdic
    You can try it from there.
    I need to find out how to merge it to main App Loader.

    Note1: double-tap to see decimal time hint
    Note2: "Try in emulator" works for the main app. But unfortunately it does not load settings.

  • Very awesome! I loaded it up. The hint doesn't hide correctly, I'm getting garbage on the screen when it's deactivated. Second, the hint impacts the display of the binary. Third, the seconds shouldn't update so often when the watch is locked. Perhaps every 8 bits? Like 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 8, 16... that way we wouldn't use so much power.

    Ideas for improvement: Perhaps it could be bigger, it could use more space. If it was right to the edge, it would make the watch appear bigger. Looks like it could be almost a third bigger.
    I love it! It's super cool, and it would make it faster for me to read binary.

  • what is your watch? I have B2. Hint is fine there. No garbage.
    I'll try to simulate in B1 emulator.
    All sizes currently are adjusting to display resolution automatically.
    I'll think on the locked update frequency. But even without this optimization my watch runs for days.

  • Hey Mark,
    Ya, I have the Bangle2 with some top widgets. Perhaps your code is or isn't accounting for widgets?
    While it does have good battery life, I love that 3 weeks or so not charging. Most of the other apps do have a 'hide seconds' option.

  • Hi andiohn,
    I have top and bottom widgets. (Bottom one draws garbage in main menu. But this is issue with menu).
    The application draws up and down from center. So it is kind of widget agnostic.
    I'll make it bigger right to the side edges.
    ALso I'll make "hide seconds" feature.

  • Man, such good service! :) Excellent work Mark.

  • I saw the time at the bottom get half cut off at one point. Can't reproduce now, otherwise would send a screenshot.

  • Ya, that's what I'm getting too.

  • I cannot reproduce it.
    hmm .... may be it is after installation, when there is no settings file yet. I'll check.

  • Pretty smart!

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  • Oh ya! I had that one on my pebble.

  • I immediately changed my settings first, so that might not be it.

  • Cool! There are a lot of interesting watchfaces on Pebble!

  • here you go. Left it running for 30 minues.
    Also does not look like it has an icon for the launcher.

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  • Yes, exactly. Same behaviour with colours too. I see both of your issues.

  • Wow, that one is impressive!

  • I see. it is weird issue. Need to take a look ...
    Same weird is with the icon. Should icon data be 46 x 46?

  • Should icon data be 46 x 46?


  • oh, I see ...

  • I've modified the app:

    • seconds can be set to show: 0-never, 1-when unlocked, 2-always (default)
    • app icon shows up in menu (it was 1-bit B/W, had to make it RGB)
    • decimal time hint set to be black digits on white background. This can overlap with bottom widgets. Sometimes widgets may draw on top of the hint. I take it as ok-ish, because next second the hint will be repainted by the app again. But if you know how to stop bottom widgets to draw please let me know.
      Also they draw in main menu mode, and leave artefacts when menu is scrolled.­rdic

    I cannot reproduce the issue with hint artefact. This is the code. Vars T SW,SH
    There are couple of global vars (defined as `var T=0;' for example) have simple names like T, W etc. Can it be that same vars are used by widgets or menu, or any other program? Should I make sure my global variable names are unique in entire environment?

  • I tried the update, it's getting better.

    1. Seconds don't turn off when the setting is set.
    2. The hint font is the opposite colour of the theme (black theme has black font), and there's a white box partly covering the bottom seconds row from behind with the hint partly on top.
    3. The hint shows up with a double tap, even when locked. Not sure if this is supposed to happen.
    1. issue confirmed
    2. Yes the hint box is white, font is black. I cannot reproduce issue with covering seconds row. What version of firmware do you have? Mine is 2.11.
    3. issue confirmed
  • For 2, I'm using the dark theme on my watch and the hint seems to not respect theme. I could be wrong. I'm on 2.11

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Watchface Ideas

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