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    While i am waiting for the replacement unit:

    One more thing i just discovered:
    When booting into DFU mode the watch boots into clock after around 10 seconds automatically.

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    I Just tried several times to find it in dfu mode while pressing on the top right corner but sadly no success yet.

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    I want to add that for sure BLE and Programmable are enabled and Whitelist is disabled.

    When i trigger "Make connectable" it does not help.

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    My Bangle.js 2 (kickstarter version) was working fine but suddenly lost bluetooth connection and now i can not reconnect anymore.

    I can not find it neither Gadgetbridge nor in Chromium.

    I see the the bangle.ks start symbol showing correctly the 2v17.7 firmware version and a "Loading ..." symbol and then the text "=> Bluetooth" is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

    I tried to flash firmware in DFU mode but even there it can not be found by the nRF or DFU android apps.

    When i booted without loading any code i end up on the Bangle.js screen showing the FW and MAC but it can not be found in Gadgetbridge or Chromium.

    I have no clue what else i can try.

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    I'd have hoped you'd have seen messages like t: "gps_power", status: true}

    Yes i saw that in the log.

    The frustrating thing is that when disconnected, it should work as normal - but the second you connect to see what's going on it would switch to the Gadgetbridge mode.

    That would explain why it worked sometimes but most of the times not.

    There is a PR for some changes to this

    I have seen that. Take your time :)

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    I found a code block here:

    After deinstalling the GPS widget the function definition is different:

    ="function (isOn,ap" ... "wr});return pwr;}"

    But GPS still not working.

    Then i found that in android.settings.json the key "overwriteGps" was set to true.
    I set it manually to false in the json file via the IDE and GPS works again!

    I am pretty sure that i never turned this on in the Bangle.js android app but who actually knows...

    So if the Bangle.js android app expects GPS coming from GadgetBridge but the setting in GP is turned off then the Bangle.js will never get any GPS.

    I feel sorry for the time the hunt for this consumed.

    Thank you for your help, this seems to be solved!