Status of the "Android Integration" app

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  • What is the status of the Android Integration app? The description still says BETA, so I have been using the Gadgetbridge widget.

    What is currently implemented and functioning properly and what still needs work?

  • I'll try and keep­iki/Bangle.js-2-Status up to date

    The Android integration app works ok with messages, music and health reporting, but there seems to be an issue with Gadgetbridge that stop either of the apps working with calls.

    I'd recommend you use Android Integration

  • Okay thanks! Yeah messages worked fine for me with Gadgetbridge (bangle) but calls never showed up, makes sense if the issue is with Gadgetbridge (android app).

    If you have a more specific TODO list I can try to implement some things.

  • Thanks! The best source right now is probably­ssues but I'd be very interested in specific things that don't work that need sorting out.

  • I don't want to cause any stress or seem impatient, as I fully understand that you're a one-man-army drowning in support requests already. Nevertheless, I would like to know if it is possible to get a short update on the status on the Bangle.js-specific Gadgetbridge version for Android?
    My phone is provided by my employer and they do not allow sideloaded apps, so I cannot currently install F-droid and therefore Gadgetbridge.
    Thus I haven't really started using my awesome BJS2 yet and still rely on my trusty old Pebble Time Steel.

  • Well, Gadgetbridge has just merged in some support for multiple builds, so it's in a good state for us to start a new build of Gadgetbridge now (which I'm trying to set up) - but I'm afraid there's nothing available right now.

    Sorting out the Bangles has taken up basically all my time the last few months, but things are starting to look up now. Last week I've had a lot more time for sorting things out (like the Run app, tools and firmware improvements) so hopefully I'll be able to start on the app pretty soon.

  • My shiny new Bangle.js is sadly still collecting dust on a table.
    Do you have any news regarding progress on a Gadgetbridge version that can be downloaded through Google Play?

  • Hi - no news yet I'm afraid. I wanted to check with Gadgetbridge's author that he was happy with some things before we went live, but I haven't heard back from him in a while. I've just prodded him again.

  • Any updates to this? Is there anything we (as a community) can do to help with this?
    The battery in my trusty old Pebble has begun showing it's advanced age. :-/

  • Any updates to this?

    This PR has been merged and there there is this open issue.

    In one comment on Codeberg Gordon said

    "I finally got the App Loader working inside Gadgetbridge too (not in this PR yet) so it should make a really big improvement to the usability of Bangle.js."

    so release should be close.

  • Hi - I was away last week so things have got a bit stalled, but I am hoping to have something ready soon. Probably not with loads of extra features immediately (just the HTTP + app loader) but either way I guess it'd work for you @Cthulhu

  • Thank you both for the updates. :-)
    I'm perfectly fine with not getting any extra features ATM, I would just like to be able to use my Bangle.
    I guess the "vanilla" version available through F-Droid doesn't have any extra features yet either. So it's not like I'm missing out on anything. ;-)

  • I'm just in the process of pushing the app to the Play Store (which is a nightmare by the way!), but right now it's not reviewed so isn't public. If you'd like to test it, please send me a PM and I'll add your email address to the list of testers and give you a link. Click that and you should then get it to appear in your account's Play Store.

  • Thank you again for the heads up and for all your hard work. :-)

    I have succesfully installed the app, but I don't have my Bangle.js on me ATM, but I will test it during the weekend and report back (if time allows it).

  • I have succesfully installed the app

    Great! Well that's one big hurdle out the way. Once it's installed I'm reasonably optimistic :)

  • Hey @Gordon,
    Please add me to the testers list, I'd love to help out. I also mirror @Cthulhu's thanks for your hard work. I'll test the crap out of it, I use my bangle hard.

  • being just curious, why not F-droid rather than google playstore ?

  • @andiohn just added (using the email you registered with the forum) - you can then go to­t/4701398961819736342 to enroll.

    being just curious, why not F-droid rather than google playstore ?

    Because @Cthulhu has been bugging me :) His phone is locked down so he can only update via the Play Store.

    For everyone else you can at least get 'normal' Gadgetbridge from the play store, and this one doesn't add a great deal - but he's not been able to use Gadgetbridge at all.

    Longer term, yes, it'll be on F-droid. But hopefully I'll get everything merged upstream and then F-droid can do builds direct from the main Bangle.js Gadgetbridge repo. Right now not all the changes I have are pushed upstream.

  • Thanks for the invite! Unfortunately, it doesn't install on my phone :-(

    I have a POCO X3 NFC running Android 11 with the latest updates available.

    I already rebooted the phone.

    Any ideas?

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  • Haha, thank you :)
    no worries, i ll be patient and i know for sure it ll be wonderful

  • Longer term, yes, it'll be on F-droid.

    Yay! 🎊

  • Hi @Alessandro sorry I'm not sure. Any way you can find any debug info about why the install failed?

  • @Gordon, doesn't install for me either. I sent the notice that the Google Play console sent. I'm assuming it's because I have gadgetbridge already installed?

    Also, is there a way to get caller ID on the watch?

  • Sorry, I didn't notice your message. I didn't found any logs :-/

  • If you haven't already, try uninstalling the standard Gadgetbridge app before installing the bangl.js flavor! (Like @andiohn suggested) That did it for me.

    I had the same problem with no install before doing that.

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Status of the "Android Integration" app

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