• @andiohn just added (using the email you registered with the forum) - you can then go to https://play.google.com/apps/internaltes­t/4701398961819736342 to enroll.

    being just curious, why not F-droid rather than google playstore ?

    Because @Cthulhu has been bugging me :) His phone is locked down so he can only update via the Play Store.

    For everyone else you can at least get 'normal' Gadgetbridge from the play store, and this one doesn't add a great deal - but he's not been able to use Gadgetbridge at all.

    Longer term, yes, it'll be on F-droid. But hopefully I'll get everything merged upstream and then F-droid can do builds direct from the main Bangle.js Gadgetbridge repo. Right now not all the changes I have are pushed upstream.


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