• Thanks bzd, I love GadgetWraps on my pebble's experience but I had been hesitated until it becomes clear compatibility.

    Below is "low-reflection type" sample film I got in meantime.
    I lent my bangle to film maker for measurement its actual size.
    This maker selling curved film for BIP, but what I got as return is simple flat one... bit sad.

    Compared with clear type (GadgetWraps's one on pebble time steel), camera's reflection was disappeared. however, it not too blur on real view.

    And touch feeling is really smooth. If so as to attach importance to operability, matt type is worth a thought.

    After take this photo, I found some marks on concave surface on plastic frame.

    So I need not only film but also some case, or with skins.
    Please make it, GadgetWraps!


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