Bangle.beep(); not working

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  • Hi Gordon,
    yes, I bought it via the espruino shop.

    No, only when I try "; "
    "Bangle.beep();" does nothing.

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  • My Bangle arrive a few days ago and it buzzes but not beep from the API I think I am also missing a piezo. I am very happy with the other features and have lots of app ideas!!

  • @user110973 that is extremely strange.

    Do you think you could experiment sending the command analogWrite(VIBRATE,0.1,{freq:2000}) with some values other than 0.1? 0.5ish should start the vibration motor turning, but it's possible that in your case the vibration motor is slightly 'sticky' so doesn't wobble at the lower duty cycles (which is what is making the noise).

    My Bangle arrive a few days ago and it buzzes but not beep from the API

    Did you update the firmware yet? It needs a firmware update before you can switch to the 'beep via Vibrate' mode...

  • Hi Gordon,
    I made the update of BootLoader and Settings as recommended. The firmware is 2v05. That's the latest, I think.

    I tried


    Both work fine. And surprisingly. Bangle.beep() also works now.
    Thanks for your support,


  • hey,sorry for the delay,mine isn't beeping too

  • @user110973 Great! Glad it's working now! Maybe you'd updated the settings app but not the bootloader, or something like that?

    @user111001 have you updated to the latest software using That should ensure that the beep function works again

  • yes i did update. unfortunately still isn't beeping.

  • ...

  • @Gordon You sure you didn't mean to post that in this other thread:­345205/

  • Thanks! Just removed and re-posted :)

  • And here's how to get inside and where to connect a Piezo if you're interested. I'll try and add a full video/page on the Piezo with some suggestions when I get a bit more time:­sembly

  • I would like to buy a piezo ceramic element, but I'm not sure which one to choose. What about this one?­latt/B400/EKULIT-190031.pdf

  • The beep from the vibration motor is extremely quiet to my ears. I had to hold it close to my ear to hear it at all.

  • @user110973 that piezo looks fine to me! If you have a choice of voltage/impedance I'd choose the lowest voltage or lowest impedance as they'll be the loudest, but otherwise any should work.

    @nsg yes, it's not great, however even when the piezo is installed it's not desperately good. Personally I'd say the vibration motor is maybe half as loud as the piezo - so it' not masses!

  • Considering they all cost about 40 cents each, why don't you order one of each, "plug" them in to test and then choose the loudest?

  • That would be to easy...

  • Sorry - my fault, I was in a bit of a rush. I updated the post, but I meant lowest impedance or voltage.

    But I'm afraid I'm struggling a bit to keep up with all the questions and code contributions so I haven't had time to vet any Piezos in particular... But if anyone found any good ones (especially from German distributors because there have been are many Bangles in Germany!) then I'd be very happy to add links to them somewhere prominent!

  • I ordered three types and I'll write about the results.

  • Same here with the missing piezzo. Really a shame.

    @user110973 which ones (from Reichelt?) did you order? I order some of the others then for some more testing.

  • Sorry for the delay.
    I ordered these:
    EPZ-20MS64W Piezoelement, 6,4 kHz, 400 Ohm, bedrahtet
    EPZ-15MS60W Piezoelement, 5 kHz, 1500 Ohm, bedrahtet
    EPZ-27MS44W Piezoelement, 4,4 kHz, 200 Ohm, bedrahtet

  • Hello all, just got my Banglejs and no beep, though the code does return the promise. Buzz works fine. I still need to take it apart and confirm missing piezzo.

    I may have one from a radio shack experimenter parts kit.

    Otherwise watch seems fine. Like the Mario clock. ;)


  • @user110973 I just double checked and these are really the only ones that make sense. I overlooked that the other ones I had found with the filters are "feedback" piezos.

  • just joining the party! my bangle also lacked the piezo, and I just fitted it with a EPZ20MS64W since that was easy to order. not very loud, but working :-)

    Thanks, Gordon, for this little gadget (or toy?), I am now also entering the world of javascript. Even with the recent obstacles this is a fun project to support!


  • What about the larger (EPZ27) models with lower impedance, any experiences yet?

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Bangle.beep(); not working

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