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  • @user110973 that is extremely strange.

    Do you think you could experiment sending the command analogWrite(VIBRATE,0.1,{freq:2000}) with some values other than 0.1? 0.5ish should start the vibration motor turning, but it's possible that in your case the vibration motor is slightly 'sticky' so doesn't wobble at the lower duty cycles (which is what is making the noise).

    My Bangle arrive a few days ago and it buzzes but not beep from the API

    Did you update the firmware yet? It needs a firmware update before you can switch to the 'beep via Vibrate' mode...

  • Hi Gordon,
    I made the update of BootLoader and Settings as recommended. The firmware is 2v05. That's the latest, I think.

    I tried


    Both work fine. And surprisingly. Bangle.beep() also works now.
    Thanks for your support,



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