Bangle.beep(); not working

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  •; works just fine in the IDE but I hear nothing with Bangle.beep();

    I have upgraded the bootloader.

  • Well, the beep is very quite, move close to your ear and try again.

  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I just put it right next to my ear and hear nothing. It could be my hearing I suppose!

    It does return promise in the IDE so the command is working, just no sound.

  • The beep is quiet, but this could be a problem with your watch. I've already had one case where it seems the factory's testing and quality control didn't seem to extend to checking that a speaker was even installed :/

  • If you're willing you could open the back and it'll be really obvious if there isn't a gold disk on the back of the battery.

    If that's the case we can either swap it or I can send you a piezo to solder on

  • This is what it should look like

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  • Well blow me, you were right!

    I'll have a root around and see if I have a piezo disc, but if not would appreciate you sending me one.



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  • Hi, I have the same problem as nsg.

    I have two Bangle.js watches (The Both hands pledge) and neither of them has the beep() making any sound.

    I have removed the back from one of the Watches and there is no piezo visible and no wires soldered to the pads shown in your photo above - just the battery below the circuit board.
    I am assuming the second one is the same.

    I have some piezos with a diameter of 2 cm that look around the right size.

    Should any piezo that fits be ok? Or should I wait for you to ship me some?

    Would they need to be stuck to the battery or insulated from the board or anything?


  • Same here, no beeps.

  • Same here, no beeps. I will open it later to check for the piezo.
    Edit: I have a black plastic sheet inside which is not in Gordons reference image, but also no piezo.!

  • Oh blimey... Starting to look like they missed the piezo on all watches.

  • I didn't open them yet but the two I received today (which look great through!) don't make any sound when trying the sample apps either :-(

  • Sat 2020.03.21

    Thank Goodness, missing part. I was beginning to think that this (death - no sound) was a result of an infection caused by the current Pandemic.   ;-)

    . . . and, . . . after @Gordon put in all the extra effort Bravo to get these out on time, we now have a potential factory recall mess on our hands!

    Maybe the factory will kick in a major monetary offset, and give either Gordon etal or the user the opportunity to perform the repair surgery?    anyone speak Mandarin?

  • I am happy to do my own surgery rather than send it back.

  • Your enthusiasm @nsg is welcome, and I can see the benefit of not dealing with return shipping and delays etc. Too tiny for my now non-dexterous fingers and fading eyesight.

    But, consider the scope of this. At least five (posted above) out of say one hundred shipped is five percent failed assemblies that were passed off as good by the assembly house. 5% !! Several hundred are shipped, and the balance remaining most likely boxed. Lot's of effort unboxing, programming, reboxing, labeling, box boxing, trip to the P.O. to ship.

    See update #20 and #22 images­/banglejs-the-hackable-smart-watch/posts­

    And now we are faced with, unboxing, repowering, load a test app, test, make a decision to ship to the potential unhappy purchaser, box, . . . Wash, Lather, Rinse, Repeat, . . . off to the P.O.

    Gordon's efforts would be better served, coding and creating the next Bangle Pro/Deluxe than having to now deal with many days to test out the remaining balance to ship for the K.S. campaign.

    IMO back to the manufacturer and have them apply the fix as it was paid for in the purchase bargain. (even with yet another eight week delay) Personally, I'm tired of the untested crap (even with improvements over the years) that does make it to market that is shipped from that side of the world, as I spend an unbelievable and unnecessary amout of time just in the return shipping process. Capitialism beware, this is what can happen when seeking non- Capitalist low cost, low pride in workmanship alternatives . . . .

    EDIT: second thought, a factory offer of a piezo element and an additional free Bangle along with a rebate of half the value of the K.S. pledge might come close as an offset. Just a thought . . . .   my 0.02 worth

  • Hm. I think a missing beep is not that issue (at least for me). A missing buzzer would be more an issue.

  • Well, I also thought missing sound is not an issue, until I thought about the alarm. Alarm without sound might lead to oversleeping.
    But I also feel pity for Gordon after all work he has done.

  • Hi, thanks everyone for being so reasonable about this. I honestly never thought to check this - there are plenty of them that do have piezos, and the ones that I tested and opened were fine.

    I can only assume it's one batch of watches that went out, and most of the others are fine.

    If you have this issue, please post up here. I'll get in touch with the manufacturer and see what can be done but it'll be useful to see the extent of the problem.

    In terms of the Piezo, it's safe to use any one. However they have voltages - if you put a 12v one in its going to be quieter than a 3v one (which I think is what they are using). I'll try and find out for sure.

  • Good to hear that it isn't the entire shipment of watches that's affected. That would have sucked big time...

    Let's just hope it's that one batch.

  • Mine not beeping either...

    I've opened it and the piezo is missing.

  • Vibrator works.
    Beep does not work.

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  • Buzzer is not working for me also, seems a missing piezo. As a maker and fixer, I would like to fix the issue by my own rather then sending back and waiting for another fixed one. Another reason of avoid is corona, of course.

    I see that installing a piezo is not that difficult provided the specification and dimension are given with a nice how to documentation and images

  • Thanks everyone! So right now we're looking at:

    nsg, idf, baljo, richjmaynard, Frida, Abhigkar, on the forum, then Fritz Schwarm, Jeff Magee, Dez Hatton and Roger Jardine who posted on KickStarter. Anyone else?

    Once I've figured out about the existing watches I'll make sure I get a stack of Piezos that I can send out and/or use to fix those that people don't want to send out.

  • Thanks Gordon.

    I'm sure this is a bit of a potential headache for you.


  • I'm so sorry about you having to go through this @Gordon. And right at the finish line at that.

    I must say your Kickstarter campaign has been exemplary. Good and timely info, and you are extremely helpful.

    I'm sure a fairly large part of those that have ordered this watch are both able and willing to do the installation of the piezo themselves (especially since it might mean an upgrade). And those that aren't able, I'm pretty sure they're more than willing to learn.

    Anyway... Just wanted to express my appreciation and admiration for what you do.

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Bangle.beep(); not working

Posted by Avatar for nsg @nsg