patreon sign did not appear under the avatar

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  • Hi, I am supporting Espruino on Patreon, but I don't have patreon sign under my avatar as others do. Is this because of different emails here and on Patreon? How accounts are being matched?

  • Ahh, sorry about that - thanks for letting me know! The process is only semi-automated and my list of forum users was out of date. Next time I push an update to the site (probably today) it'll update.

    If anyone else notices a problem with their name, please let me know and I'll make sure it gets updated.

  • Hi, I guess the list is outdated again :)

    Another question (that probably should go somewhere else): Do you have aliexpress / amazon / banggood / geargbest / etc affiliate link?

    If others are like me, maybe they too order random stuff from all around the world, and a few% of that could help. Or maybe not, don't know how reliable are these...

  • Thanks! I'll get that updated - I actually had your forum details because you've been a member since 2015 - I just needed to update the list from Patreon.

  • so patrons are marked as such? how? I can't see any indicator, neither next to my avatar nor to others.

    Amendment: now - using a desktop browser - I can see the indicators, but not underneath my own avatar, only underneath others.

  • Sorry about that - should work now. I'd added it but hadn't uploaded the modified file to the website yet. Things have been a bit crazy recently :)

  • don't worry - it's just an unimportant detail - but it works now.

    Good success for your Bangle.js activities (right now that is "shipping" - I'm waiting for two of them myself!)

  • Hi @Gordon! Can I get a patreon badge too, pls? :)

  • No problem - will get it added :)

  • Can I get a Patreon badge too, please? No hurry, just to make sure that it still works.

  • Yes, absolutely! I've just added you - if you refresh the forum the sign should get added :)

  • yes please for a patreon symbol, regards Simon

  • Ahh, sorry. Just updated!

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patreon sign did not appear under the avatar

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