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    Hello Joern,

    unfortunately not. Since time ran out (and my primary goal was to establish s.th. like a "remote control" for BBC micro:bit or similar between PC and board) I switched to the built-in BT services and used them (see https://rozek.de/Microcontrollers/MicroB­it/BoardControl/index_de.html, German only, however) Those services turned out to run stable, whereas Espruino did not.

    Meanwhile, I bought an Oxocard, which looks much more promising (not from an Espruino perspective, but from its hardware in general) - but now, I first have to complete my online lectures for this semester before I'll find some time to get my hands on it.

    With kind regards,

    Andreas Rozek

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    Hi folks,

    given the low amount of free memory in a BBC micro:bit

    ={ free: 280, usage: 20, total: 300, history: 0,
      gc: 0, gctime: 2.83813476562, blocksize: 12, "stackEndAddress": 536884560, flash_start: 0,
      "flash_binary_end": 258580, "flash_code_start": 260096, flash_length: 262144 }

    is there an estimate of how much code may be sent to that device without causing a LOW_MEMORY error?

    That code should also be able to be saved, of course.

    Or, is there way to build larger code from smaller pieces (e.g. by saving individual functions rather than a whole bunch of them)?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    With greetings from Germany,

    Andreas Rozek

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    Oh, what I found in my old notes from 1.85: Espruino on BBC micro:bit hangs quite soon when trying to run the ticker you mentioned in your video about Espruino on the micro:bit...

    Thus, it seems to have been unstable in those days as well...

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    I meanwhile found the old firmware distributions and tried 1.85 - but apart from a different API (compared to 2.05) I often encounter communication failures (lost characters when uploading) which prevent me from testing...

    Communication errors can be solved by disabling "Reset before Send", but then the program runs havoc almost immediately => the old version behaves even worse than the new one

    This is strange as I made my first experiments with Espruino on BBC micro:bit with 1.85 - and I can't remember these problems (my boards are still the same and weren't touched since then).

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    Increasing interval length does not really help - both boards will eventually hang up.

    Additionally: when trying to connect after a reset, I also often get the error message "Unable to retrieve board information. Connection Error?"

    Even if that is followed by "Connected to Web Bluetooth, Espruino MICROBIT (No response from board)" that connection appears to be inoperable.