• I received my bangle.js today. Totally awsome!
    One of the I tried first was the compass app, however this seems to have problems to point to north and to keep pointing to north...
    Is there some compass callibration needed? If yes, how to do it?

  • Unfortunately for me it's exactly the same. Besides the non-functioning loudspeaker, the compass does not work at all or only shows something randomly. That the loudspeaker does not work was already announced by mail, but what is wrong with the compass?

  • The compass should just need calibrating. At the moment it doesn't store the calibration so needs it each time you start the compass app, but it's as easy as just turning around in a complete circle.

    The compass app also expects to work like a 'real' compass - so with the watch face parallel to the ground rather than perpendicular.

    Does that help?

  • Unfortunately, that doesn't help. I turned the clock around the X, Y and Z axis and also in a circle without rotation but nothing helps. The compass still seems very random.

  • Hi Gordon,
    I always tried parallel to the ground. I first tried to callibrate by rotating the clock around its z-axis, it seems what works a bit better is holding it out on the stretched arm and "rotate" yourself, ie moving the watch in a great circle. I will try this in the garden tomorrow, to rule out effects from the building/metal roof.

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Compass App unreliable? How to do a compass callibration?

Posted by Avatar for DerGuteWolf @DerGuteWolf