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Developping IoT @ http://www.novaccess.ch , Switzerland

80% Hardware
15% Firmware

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    as well as maybe the allocation of variables a and b, maybe you could try to allocate them globally

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    Could you share your current code?

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    You could probably start playing with this module http://www.espruino.com/ST7565. If not working out of the box, it should not be too difficult to make it compatible with ST7735 chip.

    In case you need help , this is a ST7735 driver from Adafruit : https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-ST7­735-Library

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    Computer or smartphone ;-)

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    Could you tell us what is the Olimex reference ? or give us the link to the schematic?

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    Tab complete now works for Pins

    Cooool! (1)

    STM32: Fix occasional RTC jumps (wrong month when setting RTC)

    Cooool! (2)

    getting closer and closer to release 2.0 !!:-)

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    I experienced many wifi connection problems with the wifi AP at home. At work, no problem. I suspect that ESP8266 may have problems connecting to certain channels or AP.
    A friend of mine got exactly the same problem with its home wifi AP. We both worked with ESP01. Maybe there is a new silicon revision now?
    ps: a colleague told me that this problem could potentially be seen if the quartz oscillator of the chip is slightly de-rated. A little temperature increase and the center frequency of the module is misaligned with wifi channels. I did not verify this assumption but this seems to make sense in some ways.

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    Same opinion... Arduino form-factor is not very convenient... Of course there is a lot of shield out there but as soon as you plug 1 or 2 shields, you just get a big cube of PCBs and that's it. A small form factor allows for an easy integration.
    The global trend right now seems to be IoT, wearables, smart things and so on. IMO the need for those trends is small battery powered connected devices. Puck.js is very well suited for wearables. However BLE is not yet suffciently established to allow people doing smart-home projects with BLE. Here comes the Espruino-Wifi.
    What about outdoor projects? Is there any possibility to follow the idea of the Particle Electron for the next Espruino board?

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    Just tried this code with Win7. LED is OK but no keyboard input at all.
    It seems that the Pico remains enumerated as a virtual COM port only

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    As far as I know the SIM800/900 family can only be powered on and off with the PWRKEY pin.