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    Just to be sure, you're using this code? https://www.espruino.com/Interfacing#pyt­hon

    As-is, or did you tweak command? It's possible that there's some edge case if command was exactly a multiple of 20 characters (or something like that)?

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    There are command-line tools which I believe are pretty easy to add to VSCode, and I have seen them used for cross-compilation of TypeScript as well. It could just do with a bit of documentation which I'm afraid I haven't got around to.

    Although it's pretty easy to do npm install -g espruino then espruino -d mydevice -w file.js - which will give you a REPL and will the automatically upload file.js every time you save it.

    If someone would like to contribute an actual VSCode plugin that glued the espruino npm library to VSCode then that would be great though.

    However while I'm all for making Espruino easier to use on other IDEs, the main focus for me is really on lowering that "time to blink" number by making it super-easy to get started (which it seems is what draws most users to the platform).

    ESP is still considered as 2'nd grade citizen (IMO).

    That's because I have never made even a cent from any work I have put into the port for Espressif's chips (although I do receive some extremely generous support from some folks via Patreon, several of which I know use ESPxx chips). There's an argument to be made that ESP32/8266 sales actually dig into sales of the boards I make money off too, so it's very hard for me to justify putting significant work into Espressif chips when I could put it into boards that do make money.

    The ESP32/ESP8266 ports basically exist purely because of the extremely hard work of a handful of individuals, but at the end of the day it's a hobby for them so if they don't have time or there's a niggle that isn't fun to fix, it doesn't get fixed. All I can say if if you want something fixed, have a go yourself and contribute it back to GitHub - that's the great thing about open source.

    If you want to help and don't feel you can do that, you could sponsor me to fix the issues you have with the ports, or could always make a fuss to Espressif - if even a fraction of the thousands of ESP32/8266 Espruino users actually let them know then they might consider supporting some work to improve Espruino on it. Other chip manufacturers have done that in the past, just not Espressif.

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    Are you sure that doesn't just happen automatically with TCP? Did you try basically just using the example I'd posted?

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    Thanks! I don't think I've managed to go more than 5 days without looking at email for at least 2 years now so the chances of me actually managing a whole 2 weeks are probably quite slim :)

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    Thanks! I should have pointed to that link originally :)