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    'As far as I know only a few have write access to '

    Presumably, the three individuals under the 'People' tab of the repository list are with 'owner' privileges



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    Sun 2018.11.11

    Knock, knock, . . . knock, knock, knockety, knock . . .

    Rats. . . . Now on to voice recognition, finger print identification and retina scanning!!

    Video added a nice touch.

    Nicely done @calebbrewer

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    Sun 2018.11.11

    Reading over:


    I would like to do the same using both the Pixl and MDBT42Q.

    Of course I had to try, can see the paired Pixl, but am greeted with (which makes sense of course) error:

    'Unable to decode "Uncaught ReferenceError:\"Puck\" is not defined',
    got SyntaxError: Unexpected token U in JSON at position 0

    Not able to locate a suitable tutorial.

    If there currently isn't an equivalent, what might the expected deployment date time frame be?

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    Sun 2018.11.11

    'Following thru as described in . . . . would have solved your issue'

    Nope. That stackoverflow link has the same content as at:


    Maybe on a local copy but remember I had a public online repo fork.

    If you re-read 'Interesting note' above, you'll see that I attempted what is described. When attempting to get a new forked instance,
    GitHub knew the origins of the renamed forked copy, and just created the new fork as a copy over the renamed one. Did this twice.

    Reading the 'git - the simple guide' . . . .

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    Sat 2018.11.10

    Two pots of coffee and the music helped!!

    From #9

    'delete the fork . . . . but only when nothing else is pending in repo'


    'You cannot delete branches that are associated with open pull requests.'

    Although it would have been nice to test if GitHub would stop/block the repo deletion as there was an in process branch PR, we'll have to take their docs at face value. As I couldn't close (the buttons were not illuminated) maybe I could have (then), deleted the branch perhaps, then deleted the repo?

    Interesting note. I first renamed (as I didn't want to have to re-upload other project test files) the suspect corrupt fork. I then attempted to create a new fork. GitHub just made a fork copy over the renamed one and not a unique new instance. I'm forced to delete the renamed one first.

    from #13 'Can we stick with one kind of numbering of the steps?'

    Yes. @allObjects use your numbering for a local install of a GitHub repository. The following with annotations may be used to create documentation for those that wish to use a public online fork. Both advantages and dis-advantages. I left off numbering so as not to conflict with a chosen system.

    Note: Formatting this was a pain - indenting not recognized in list - it is what it is . . . .

    Using a public online fork - uses button clicks as opposed to manually entering git commands

    • Create fork


    In upper right hand corner click on 'fork'

    Click on 'Branch Master' to enter a unique new branch
    Click the 'Current Branch' icon to view existing branches

    • Add Files
      Navigate to 'modules' folder (or 'devices')


    Within the branch just created, select 'Code' tab and upload files by clicking 'Upload Files' button located in block of four buttons close to page top in upper right just below 'contributors' tab

    Enter simple description

    Click 'Commit' button

    • PR - Pull Request

    Create the pull request to merge branch into personal fork master copy
    Click 'New Pull Request' on left hand side just below 'Branches' tab

    Select correct fork in button compare section near page top

    https://github.com/ your name /EspruinoDocs/pull/

    Click green 'Merge Pull Request'
    Click green 'Confirm'

    end PR

    • Verify - Navigate to 'modules' folder to see files were in fact merged there

    • As fork compare only allows from parent, navigate to: to merge those branches into that repo


    • Start PR (above) from parent and select desired user fork in button(s) compare
      Continue with PR steps to pull fork update into espruino/EspruinoDocs master

    • Verify - Navigate to app base and select 'Pull Requests' tab


    Thank you @Gordon, @allObjects and @MaBe for your input.

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    Fri 2018.11.09

    Well @barbiani, quite an impressive advancement in just over a week. Be careful, as at this rate, you may be teaching the class you are about to take!!

    Gordon mentioned this in your other post #2, and I called your attention to it again in #2 above. Templated Strings. And although I see you switched from the single quote ' to a back tick ` it isn't clear and may not have been explained well enough as to the reason why. The simple explanation is to maintain alignment to ensure valid Html is being coded, typically to locate closing elements in a tag set.

    If it wasn't clear, maybe using Line 9 rewritten will bring it all in to focus:

     div align="right" class="td td_btn" pressed="${pressed}">
           div class="td_button">${opts.glyph}</div>

    In order to allow the code block to display and show the indent, I had to remove the Html leading angle brackets < so that the embedded code would not get rendered, (it formats and disappears) but rather just presented.

    Much easier to read, and to ward off possible debug scenarios.

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    Thr 2018.11.08

    @Wilberforce, I'm going to side with you on this, start with the board type.

    But, isn't it as simple as in Line 1 setup?

    SPI3.setup({ mosi:B5, miso:C11, sck:C10 });

    When I played with Espruino Original, Pico and Wifi, for hardware SPI, wasn't the SPI requirement that all pins had to stay with the same SPI designation?

    and, when one checks the board pinouts, @Gordon did a fantastic job on establishing a firm naming convention, and keeping it consistent. e.g. A pins with SPIn for instance

    Unless the non-Espruino boards have a different labeling requirement, seems to be a good place to start.

    @MaksR please post the board type and verify with the online docs about SPI pin designation.

    If that doesn't solve the issue would you please post some output as in the paths tried, as @allObjects pointed out. It is extremely difficult for those willing to expend their valuable time to assist without some basic foundation to work with.

    'help with the Websocket security client example'

    Were you working from an online snippet perhaps and would you please post that link?

    'how to use WSS correctly?'

    Are you asking if this is the correct syntax to set up a WebSocket, perhaps?