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    Sun 2019.12.08

    Hello @user106456

    Is it possible to flash an intermediate version using the WebIDE, then reflash to the current version?



    'This is after I have selected COM6 (default for the WebIDE is COM5).'

    I don't recall having to (re)-select a COM port during the flash process.

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    Hey, all the ol' timers are online at the same time ;-)

    We have EST, CST and PST represented



    Yep that's correct!


    'There's now a neopixel module builtin?'
    'But that was only 2 months or so ago'

    Geez, was it that long ago???

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    some just don't want to cave
    like the 'o..ld' wire wrapper wires' one.

    Do you remember the 'V' slot blades for stripping 30AWG Kynar for wire wrap? Searching for a link . . .


    Kynar stripper cutter

    This is how we built prototypes in the 80's - Much faster than soldering as no wire prep and the wire was spun on with an PTX-1BF electric tool like in the stripper link - better mechanical and electrical connectivity as the wire cut into the square post.

    Wire wrap example

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    Sat 2019.12.07

    Line #6 in post #28 is the puzzling one. If 'save()' is truly killing the ability to then power up consistently, it seems that the 'init()' may not be running on power up.

    'debugging debugging. BLAM it starts working'

    I suppose there might be something in the WiFi section, is there any additional detail in:
    WebIDE >> Settings >> Console

    Other than that, it might be time to post all the code for others to take a peek at.

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    Sat 2019.12.07

    Thank you @sebi for your support owning the collection of official Espruino boards. Anxious for my Kickstarter pledge too.

    re #31: @fanoush 'asks me for help with hacking his $5 fitness tracker'

    As it appears Bangle.js support may now be provided by you, that would be your choice. I may have seemed a bit on edge regarding gratis support, but after re-reading Gordon's comment, re-educated me on the missing connectivity link. Hadn't immediately realized this and may not even be a support issue to have to consider; . . . as the COST for the devloper kit, p/s and cables plus separate shipping, along with the ~five week wait from an unvetted (and possible cheap knock-off) vendor, down time to additionally learn the DK environment, does place the starting point and (it just works) RISK beyond, just aquiring an official supported Bangle.js . Definitely not worth it for me anyway as I'll be excited to get up and running quickly after the Kickstarter excitement. Should I be able to complete my other projects this winter, I may (more likely next winter) pick up the developer kit to get a bit more learning under my belt.

    From post#30

    'bear in mind that the cost of an nRF52DK and F18 watch may be more than the cost of just buying a Bangle.js so you'll be doing it for fun rather than to get a bargain :)'  Gordon

    So there is no 'bargain' for those considering that path.

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    Sat 2019.12.07

    Geez @Damian that must have been quite a "throw" ;-)

    It is most unfortunate that the electron God's are not with us on this one. It has been quite a while since I have seen such sticky troubleshooting required like this in an electronic device.

    Confirming: So that we are all on the same page, by "new" badge we are referring to the first Nodeconf badge with the new 8266 soldered in attached to a WiFi shield? (rules out the under sized regulator path)

    Does removing the WiFI shield allow any code at all to run reliably?

    'Got home (said maybe there's something it likes about home)'

    Maybe it's the thought of actually 'having to go to work' ;-)

    '4a) tried reapplying the solder iron'

    I checked the images from post #14 and a very nice solder job (solder flowed and shiny) there, so it most likely isn't a cause, but was smart to at least consider and try.

    'Try it again. still working. "save()"'

    Could it be in the way the init function is called when using save()? Would you mind posting the few lines of code section for E.on('init'

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    Sat 2019.12.07

    Easily done through the WebIDE


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    Fri 2019.12.06

    I did a quick update of post #1

    Hi @user106443, now that the 504 Gatway errors (main web site fine just forum) are over (2 hour wait 9-11pm CST) I'm able to respond.

    From the line of calling code in post #1, it appears you are well versed and may have already persued this help page:



    'is there simple way around this'

    James, I don't want to mislead with the unknown, I just don't have enough experience with Node or NPM to provide a suitable response.

    'the module i am trying to use if the wrong type'

    However, I dare try:

    My S.W.A.G. response, would changing the extention of the node file to .js and placing maually in the \Modules folder work?

    Should the above link not provide enough detail, and a running example is still required, I could whip together a sample demo 'Hello World' test page if that would help.

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    Fri 2019.12.06

    Hi James, any more detail revealed in
    WebIDE >> Settings >> Console

    Is node-poweredup.js in folder \Modules and calling code.js in \?????

    Not at development PC, on lunch break, more later this eve

    Calling code.js file would reside in \Projects