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    Sun 2019.04.21

    Any reason the 3 available hardware USART Tx:Rx pins cannot be used? Just trying out Software Serial perhaps?

    ex: USART1 Tx:B6 Rx:B7

    1st pp. "On some boards (for example the nRF52 based Bluetooth Espruino boards) the UART can be used on any pin so won't be explicitly marked, but others (such as the STM32 based Espruino boards) only allow the UART on certain pins."

    The Pico is an STM32


    nRF52 boards

    beneath circuit layout image: "Note: The nRF52 port has one available I2C, SPI and USART (and infinite software SPI and I2C). Unlike other Espruino boards, these peripherals can be used on any pin."

    'If' there is current development for Software Serial on STM32 boards, note this post from three weeks ago:

    last pp: ". . . but note that software serial really isn't that reliable right now so you may hit issues."

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    Fri 2019.04.19

    @CWBudde1, I don't have an Original lying around to check available memory, but did the Pico output #17 provide any hopeful outcome?

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    Fri 2019.04.19

    Hello Nic, would you please post for Gordon, the results of process.env as there have been several changes with 'cutting edge' builds of Espruino, and a month has elapsed since post #4.

    This will save time not having intermediate back-n-forth 'what version' confirmations.

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    Thu 2019.04.18

    Does this article get over that obstacle?


    In case there isn't a Pico lying around. . . .

    ={ "free": 3413, "usage": 1687, "total": 5100, "history": 2055,
      "gc": 6, "gctime": 7.46250152587, "stackEndAddress": 536958468, "flash_start": 134217728, "flash_binary_end": 381336,
      "flash_code_start": 134234112, "flash_length": 393216 }
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    The 2019.04.18

    The Bitterness of Poor Quality, Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten!

    circa 1975 from a Flanner and Hafsoos premium audio equipment store sign. Impressive, never forgot that lesson/moment. @allObjects, ever see a Flanner store out west? Incidentally, my Harmon Kardon receiver, Aiwa cassette deck and Dual turntable that, that sign coerced me to purchase there, still function today! They don't build stuff like that now, do they!! ;-)

    @Marty_McFly, I concur the time savings from the learning experience (re)flashing knock-off boards, in the vain attempt at saving a few dollars, is worth the low price of an authentic Espruino that includes near immediate support responses, as you witnessed above, from @Gordon himself.

    Thank you for supporting the Espruino vision!

    'Do you know how long I have to wait?'

    My experience with Credit Card companies, PayPal and International transactions, is that their monitoring software continues to block any purchase attempt until the CC company releases the block. They have 24x7 customer service, and you are their customer and their profit potential. Continue to bug them (CC company) until the block is lifted. Took as long as four hours. Mileage may vary ;-)

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    Mon 2019.04.15

    Back in the eighties, when we had the luxury of doubling our NOVRAM capacity to a whopping 1024 bytes, we made sure we wrote an entire page to maximize the number of bytes that would get written in one cycle. For a 4 page 512 byte chip, four arrays of 32 bytes each made a page, so we would fill those over time in RAM, then write that page P0. On the second write, we advanced to the next page P1, and the third and fourth the same way P2 & P3. On the fifth page write, we started over, erasing the first page written P0. In this way, we used one cycle per write for a 128 byte page rather than 128 cycles for each of the individual 128 bytes.

    The Manufacturer Guarantee

    The rough rule of thumb was one page write each hour for one year, roughly ten thousand.

    365 days in a year
    24 hours in a day
    8760 hours in a year

    Therefore, for a ten hour work day, a three year life expectancy.

    Moore's law, doubling capacity while halving price every eighteen months, allowed obsolescence to force an upgrade to the hardware, an excuse to then greedily use that extra memory. ;-)


    NVMC — Non-volatile memory controller
    nWRITE,BLOCK Amount of writes allowed in a block between erase

    The 181 value indicates the number of writes before an erase must be performed. One then could write all 256 32 bit words, one by one with an intermediate erase.

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    Sun 2019.04.14

    @sebafudi if you are still experiencing a delay as shown in the video, then I suggest we start with the basics.

    Please post the results of process.env

    Please post the entire code block as it is right now, as it appears some edits have been made to the tutorial examples.

    What was the run time result of coding the example @Gordon provided in #2 above?

    Does the second full example at:


    (with embedded Math.sin() and onTimer() function) sequence rapidly?

    re: 'I've tried using Arduino for it and it worked perfectly.'

    Would you please post a video of that which 'worked perfectly' and the corresponding Arduino source code, so that we may see what visual effect that is desired?

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    @sebafudi, have you tried the examples at:


    to gain additional insight?

    @allObjects, Isn't what you are describing, the example that Gordon has outlined in #2 above?


    I think sebafudi hard coded each line with the offset just to test compare.

  • in ESP32
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    Fri 2019.04.12

    In my tests, sending to the Web IDE using console.log('a'); will add ~100msec each iteration, bogging down the sequencing. Have you tried without those lines? Don't forget the commented lines as those also are being parsed, adding unnecessary delay.

  • in Interfacing
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    Mon 2019.04.08

    'If you really are using a Pico, D0 is not a valid pin'

    Fantastic catch @Gordon, totally missed that. . . .