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    Sat 2017.04.15

    Although my experience is with the Pico, my guess is that any GPIO pin will work. The software function you are after is digitalRead() espruino.com/Reference#l__glo­bal_digitalRead

    Use this tutorial to garner insight. Wire Loop Game

    One wire to ground. The other through a 10K to the GPIO pin. Or rely on the internal pull-up.

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    Mon 2017.04.10


    Hi Spocki - I've read that - not sure of the relevance of it to the issues I've mentioned above.


    So firstly - the terminal keeps throwing back "undefined"

    After a quick review, I'm with @Spocki and @Ollie that everything is as it should be.

    Ollie has pointed out the coding omission.

    Spocki may have been referring to espruino.com/FAQ for the explanation of 'undefined' See heading: "When I type a command, why does Espruino print '=undefined'?"

    9600 is the default when connecting over USB-TTL prior to flashing

    115200 is the rate after initial flashing

    The WebIDE also has this statement under heading 'Baud Rate' within the settings option.
    WebIDE >> Settings >> Communications >> Baud Rate

    Also - this - in the docs - is unrecognised. ESP8266.getFreeFlash()

    Beneath Heading "ESP8266 Library" espruino.com/Reference#softw­are getFreeFlash()
    As Ollie points out, the missing inclusion.

    At times I thought there were mysterious errors creeping in. I discovered that taking a bit of extra time to comprehend the reading material was all that it took. The above links should be re-visited.

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    Have you attempted this tutorial yet?

    It has a fading effect between colors, similar to that which you might be seeking.

    @Gordon has spent a considerable amount of his valuable time coding a framework for you to hang your work on. It would be prudent to blend the above tutorial example into your work to get the desired effect you are after.

    It is difficult for anyone to write a solution to an idea you have firmly cemented in your mind. A bit of study should provide the insight to a solution to that which you envision. I'm sure you will be proud of your own effort once you achieve success.

    “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell

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    Sun 2017.03.19

    you could put Puck.js in one sock, and a magnet in the other - then you could use the magnetometer to detect roughly where one foot was in relation to the other

    Keep that in mind @Gordon for the next Live Demo - would have been nice for a hands free operation and instant Ah-Ha! 'gotta get one' moment video ~19:05 forum post #6

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    Sun 2017.03.19

    'minification' in settings (the first item) is supposed to say 'No Minification' and I bet it doesn't.

    in reference to the brash 'I bet it doesn't' verbage along with verbose specific recommendations in forum post 'Blackjack Secret Card Counter'

    Oh nooo! @Gordon you are not giving up on Espruino to explore your new passion of gambling, are you?? ;-)

    Kidding aside, it is good to know you were able to duplicate and identify what was going on, and also presume what the cause was, filing the bug report indicating such. Knowledge and experience does go along way, doesn't it.

    Although I never intentionally set options under the minification settings, however I did check, but have no explanation for why the option 'Esprima (Offline)' was enabled and not the default as you indicated.

    Sun spots, aliens, intruders, the neighbor, late nights coding, mornings without coffee?

    Insert sponsor advertisement and marketing hype here

    A morning without coffee? Try Espruino brand coffee. Ooooh, I smell additional revenue stream. . . .

    Yes you heard it here first, a sample packet of the Espruino blend and mug with every official board purchased!

    [Off Soapbox]

    It's possible I fiddled with this on the day of installation, and never really put back how I remembered the defaults to be. More likely a window covering the WebIDE was being clicked on, and as Windows has that nasty habit of delaying click recognition, passed the click through to the WebIDE, even though the covering window hadn't been dismissed yet. Can't tell you how many times I've been burned by that anomaly. Note to self: Put Cray XT5 on X-Mas list

    Still befuddled with: 1700 * 16 = 27200 bytes I get the simple math.

    It's because 12288 is the amount of Flash, but you have more RAM available. At >1024 vars it's 16 bytes a var, so 1700 * 16 = 27200 bytes.

    Maybe a better question would have been, why isn't the remainder more in line with a common 2n multiple? When sending code, the internal methods use the 1024 boundary which is 4 0xFF a nice computer number but 27200 seems so clumsy, it doesn't seem to have as nice an explanation. 256*128=32768 is too large and 256*64=16384 too small. 27200 hummmmmmm?

    Thank you Gordon, for staying with this until completion. I know this has been a bit drawn out when there is so much else that requires your expertise.

    I know others will appreciate your explanation as it gives a good analysis of what is going on under the hood.

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    Yes I need power from external source: the puck.js uses it's battery for it's own use, while the external power comes from somewhere else.

    As the need to power from an external source, wouldn't the inclusion of a regulator offset the cost of of powering the Puck via a CR2032?

    Unless of course the NeoPixel battery requirement isn't above the regulator input.

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    Sun 2017.03.19

    Hello Owen,
    I have been following along since project inception and I am as excited as your daughter will be once this ornament is glowing, especially in the dark!!

    Just to be 100% and as I am ill with one hell of a cold, NeoPixel signal: what is the preferred output pin?

    Although your discourse hasn't included the extent of your background in electronics or programming, forgive me if the following sounds audacious. also, . . . hope you are feeling better.

    There isn't an indication as to whether the NeoPixel(s) has been fired up yet, (I see the wood rings have been though) ;-)

    I blindly followed the example tutorial code on both a Pico and an ESP8266 with no regard to output pin selection, just changing the code to represent which pin the NeoPixel data pin was wired to, and had no issue. The device and NeoPixel have been running for two weeks solid and no smoke yet. ;-)

    Now, with that said, the NeoPixel is a power hog. Will you be notifying the power company before you fire this up?

    I wired mine through a separate wall-wort with a 3.3v regulator for the ESP8266. But I see 61 NeoPixels, which will pull over an amp just with basic code fiddling. Don't believe the Puck will keep up with that demand, definitely not with a CR2032. If the code requires constant white with all on, expect stuff to get quite warm. (20ma * 3 colors ea NeoPixel)

    Discovered this tidbit:

    PICO: 25mA by pin, but not more than 120mA for all pins together. forum post

    My guess is that the decision for a separate supply has already been discovered as only around 5 or 6 LEDs can be powered directly from the Puck itself, any Espruino board for that matter.

    Hope the soldering part is going well and can't wait for the animated video . . . .

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    ref allObjects

    puck needs also a fanshonable - non-geek / non-engineer - casing

    ref Gordon

    I wonder if it's literally just a Bluetooth microphone that sends the audio to your phone though?

    (About 20% down web page #1)
    "Senstone is a standalone device so you can take notes and create lists when its not connected to your smartphone. It records for up to two and a half hours when offline. Then it automatically syncs your notes in the cloud when you are back in range."

    ref OwenBrotherwood

    So only software is interesting? (and the model in the above picture)

    Puck'er up!

    Couldn't resist . . . .