• Tue 2019.07.23

    I posted other issues with the June 2019 Windows10 update:


    Original Forbes article:

    Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Update Will 'Intentionally' Break Some Bluetooth Devices

    Google:   windows 10 june 2019 update

  • You mean connections to Bluetooth LE devices like Puck.js?

    You've just linked your post from 10 minutes ago that's about USB. How is that relevant?

    I'm not sure the article you reference is about Bluetooth LE either. If Windows 10 was blocking access to all Espruino Bluetooth LE devices I think I'd have heard more about it by now?

  • Dunno, I'm fully updated (not on 1903 yet, but otherwise everything updated), and no problems with BLE.
    What's this "forced june 2019 update" anyways?

  • I just updated everything to the absolute latest on Windows 10 (I'm on 1903 now) and tested. No problems here either.

    I think what happened is Robin reinstalled Windows on his whole PC and now Bluetooth isn't working for him, and having seen that article he believes it's because Microsoft has blocked communication to all Espruino devices for all Windows 10 users.

    I'm pretty sure that's not the case though.

  • Fri 2019.08.02

    'Any solution to resolve this issue'

    Hello @user101618, and I feel your pain! At the moment I posted this observation, I had absolutely no Bluetooth after the update. And, I agree with you that many individuals are having issues. On top of which every individual seems to have a unique situation. I got hit hard.

    Worst of which, Microsoft in it's infinite wisdom (NOT!) decided to encode their actual patch attempts, where they used to be in plain text before. Remember WindowsUpdate.log ? After three weeks, I'm struggling with nightly (again - even with automatic update turned off!) reboots in the middle of attempting to write code. Can't even leave the machine alone in order to get work done!

    The update folder is now located in this structure:


    You'll need to install Power Shell and learn all those nasty commands to read the .etl file format though.

    'What's this "forced june 2019 update" anyways?'

    I was referring to the auto reboot, despite having auto update turned off. I only allow background task downloading, and at my discretion to perform the install. This update ignores all the presets. Caveat Emptor

    'If Windows 10 was blocking access to all Espruino Bluetooth LE devices'

    In my case the WebIDE no longer displayed the Bluetooth 'Connect' option. It did still retain the USB Com port option, but devices not linked to the same Com port number.

    Although I haven't found the exact file related to the patch, I did have to (just this past week and as I expected it to be a driver) update the Bluetooth driver that recently was patched with an auto update. Now have working Bluetooth and the WebIDE now recognizes (after pairing again) my treasured Espruino devices!

    @Gordon pointed out with a clean install/update that it doesn't directly affect Espruino. The posting was to point out an observation, as there are Espruino Bluetooth BLE users that communicate using Windows10. The WebIDE didn't provide a connect with Bluetooth option. This article is related to why, after the update. Thank you NOT Microsoft.

    My only suggestion is to do what I did. Has taken me over a month and the update process is still not done. Create definitive concrete search term phrases and submit to Google and especially Bing and https://support.microsoft.com. Tons are attempting to recover by posting their instructions. Flip over every stone. Takes painful time.

    We are NOT turning this forum thread into a Windows10 help/repair lifeline.

  • Hi Robin - I'm afraid that was just a classic forum spam post that you replied to. I've just deleted it.

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Having troubles with Bluetooth after the recent June 2019 Windows10 forced update? Here's why

Posted by Avatar for Robin @Robin