• Tue 2019.07.23

    Just an observation. Trying to determine if this is a one off fluke, or whether this occurred to others. Will post more when I perform other flash attempts.

    • Task: Flash Espruino device with the latest firmware

    • Device: Espruino WiFi running 1v91

    • Symptom: After flash to 2v04 was complete, the WebIDE immediately disconnected. On subsequent WebIDE re-connect, the Com port assignment had incremented by one

    • Observation: In past flash attemps (~20) on many different devices, the Com port remained the same, with no intermediate WebIDE disconnect. Windows10 (I believe - Is it the June 2019 update?) re-assigned the Com port.

    • Events:
      My system was faced with the forced June 2019 Windows10 update.

      "We are investigating reports that a small number of devices may startup to a black screen . . ."


      Sadly after HOURS of recovery attempts, forced to perform a fresh install. Interestingly, now with a fresh Win10 install and only eight applications (there were thirty) I still have the annoying PC anomalies that have plagued this PC, as with the three year old Win10 install.

      I described that Windows10 June 2019 forced system update debacle here - Second half of this entry:


      Should you have Bluetooth issues, also affected by this update:

      Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Update Will 'Intentionally' Break Some Bluetooth Devices

      COM Name Arbiter


      Caveat Emptor - this does start the re-assignment process back at Com3. You lose ALL existing assignments.

  • As I understand it Windows assigns each new device a new COM number.

    It wouldn't surprise me if between 1v91 and 2v04 the USB descriptors the Espruino WiFi reports changed, which may well have convinced Windows it was a different device. I believe this was required to allow you to have USB HID and VCP running in Windows at the same time without needing any driver hacks.

  • Thank you @Gordon for your immediate response.

    Just to add, I had updated a Pico from ~2v01 to ~2v03 back in May, before this mess and as always, the Com port assignment remained the same as it had always done.

    Next re-flash, I'll update this post. No other devices on hand and just not enuf time right now! ;-)

    'the USB descriptors the Espruino WiFi reports'
    'to have USB HID and VCP running'

    Would you educate us please on who/what organization controls the WiFi stuff then. My belief was that it was a small team in addition to your effort assisting in the releases? Or is the assumption the descriptor is changing from the Espruino release and because of the constant changing Windows development, just does the re-assignment? e.g. Which end, or both?

  • I'm not sure I understand the question? Windows sees the updated Espruino WiFi as being slightly different and so thinks it must be a new device and assigns it a new COM port - it has nothing to do with organisations.

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An observation: Recent firmware Flash changes Com ports on Windows10 a fix - A fluke or has this happened during your update?

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