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    If it works when connected to USB, but behaves differently when running without USB, maybe take a look at this section in Troubleshooting. And the next maybe.
    Or it's a bug :)

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    Yes, saw that, but didnt't want to spam that thread, since I have no datasheet.
    No marking visible on the LED chips themselves either. I can try to desolder one, but I doubt that there would be any usable part number on the chips...

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    Just a note: all the "pixels" I got recently work flawlessly with 3.3v controllers. No diode to drop the supply voltage, no nothing
    Tried running these with MDBT42Q module and ESPs. Powered the LEDs from USB -> 4.9V at the output of the LEDs. And a full strip with a proper 5V power supply that outputs ~5.0-5.1V, all worked without any problems.

    And all of them are GRB or GRBW.
    Maybe someone on the far east created a "compatible" chip that works reliably with 3.3v?

    8x on a board, single leds, GRB strip, GRBW strip

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    I think I got this issue on an ESP32 with 2v01 when trying to use MQTT / tinyMQTT. reset(1), reset button, power cycling does not solve the problem. The board can connect to wifi, ping works.
    What really puzzles me is that I have an ESP32 with tinyMQTT that works.

    With MQTT the error message is ERROR: Connect failed (err 104)
    With tinyMQTT the error message is:

    ERROR: Connect failed (err 104)
    Uncaught InternalError: Unable to create socket

    at this call: a.cl=require("net").connect({host:a.svr,­port:a.prt},b)

    Edit: A simple http get does work.
    Edit2: A simple http server works:

    function onPageRequest(req, res) {
      print('page req', req);
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    Just a guess: maybe try to press the flash button while running the esptool?
    I have some ESP32 boards with CP2102, and those flashed just fine...

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    @MaBe good find! It works!
    Had some issue when tried to get the HW I2C working on the ESP8266. Probably it was just wiring, or dunno, that's why I had software I2C there. But just tried now, and it does work!

    And one more bit of info: since the "hold master" measurement failed, tried the "no hold master" way of things with my code on the ESP32.

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    Software I2C & SHT21 fails the same way on Espruino Wifi board as well.

    Other sensors on the same board (BMP085 and ISL29023) work with software&hardware I2C on Espruino Wifi and ESP32 without any problem with the same code.

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    Software I2c fails too on the ESP32.

    Result with soft I2c:

    Uncaught Error: I2C Error: Timeout (rd)
     at line 1 col 68
    in function "readTemperature" called from line 41 col 53
    console.log('SHT Temperature:', sht.readTemperature());

    That this.i2c.readFrom(this.addr,3)... fragment is from the minified module.

    Result with hardware I2C:

    ERROR: jshI2CRead:, Operation timeout because the bus is busy
    Uncaught CRC Error

    The Uncaught CRC Error comes from this line of the module.