• Hello everyone 👋

    In two weeks I'll be presenting my Puck and Pixl, and will talk about Espruino in general.

    Which is the most exciting news and topics I should mention in my 30 min presentation?

    The audience are all JavaScript developers. The meetup name is SydJS (sydjs.com). All ideas are very welcome, even if it's a general knowledge.


  • That's great! I don't know if it helps, but there are some talks I and others have given on a YouTube Playlist here

    Things I usually include are:

    • Coding for microcontrollers is normally pretty painful. It's a steep learning curve and unless you're a pro you're unlikely to have any debugger, so it's basically a black box.
    • Running an interpreter means it can tell you what's wrong rather than crashing, and you can inspect and modify code and variables on the fly
    • You can even do it wirelessly with the Puck & Pixl - and can do line by line debug
    • You could use embedded Linux like a Raspberry Pi, but the difference in power consumption is huge. Raspberry Pi Idle is about 50mA, Puck.js idle is 0.003mA - so it's over 10,000 times more. It's the difference between 4 hours on a small battery or 4 years.
    • JavaScript is great for embedded because you're used to writing event-based code so the chip can spend the majority of the time asleep.
    • Node.js-style APIs for filesystem, network access, etc
    • Same APIs across all devices - Original, Pico, Puck.js, Pixl.js and MDBT42. Even ESP8266 & ESP32
    • The Espruino boards have it pre-installed and are plug and play, but it's Open Source and is available for devices like ESP8266 that only cost a few dollars (you just have to install it on them, which can be a bit difficult sometimes).

    If you wanted to give a demo, I can explain how to set up the Web IDE with a webcam as well?

    Hope that's some help!

  • Wow! That's exactly what is needed. Thanks Gordon!

    Going to watch them all. And thanks for the list. Very helpful!

    What's the webcam setup if I have an Android phone and a Macbook? (I would want to show the Pixl display.)

  • Ideally you'd have an external webcam that you could point at the Pixl (unless you could use an external keyboard and angle your Mac to point at it?).

    But then you go to the IDE, Settings, General, Webcam Icon -> Yes
    If you're doing it on a white background you could choose to add 50% brightness to make it look a bit more vibrant. I also put the font size up to 24 or so so people can see it.

    But then you just click the webcam icon on the left of the terminal and it'll show the webcam in the background of the terminal. Make sure you refresh the page as newer IDE versions stretch the webcam to fit the screen, which looks much better. If you've clicked in the terminal, Ctrl-F will also make it fullscreen in the window so you're not displaying the editor.

  • To add my 2 cents.
    There are some non technical facts, which could be mentioned

    • Three successful Kickstarter sessions, all in time. Who else made this ?
    • 50 Releases, more than 5000 commits
    • Everything is available in Github
    • Living community, for example, AllObjects has 1728 comments in forum, and lot of others have more than 500
    • Used all over the world, is there a chart or a worldmap with buyers ?
    • Chart of how many are running on which board ?
    • A list of ES6 support would show progress
    • supported boards
    • special ports like testing to run Espruino on a watch

  • This might be interesting - it's the usage of Espruino boards over time...

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    • usage_stats.png
  • Such a nice community!

    Thanks for the tips. I'll do my best (it's in 5 days btw).


  • No problem - I'm more than happy to help as it's great having anyone who is willing to spread the word about it :)

    good luck!

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Going to give a talk about Espruino. What should I mention?

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