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    wow, that's response speed of the finest

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    var x = {1:3,4:5,6:false}

    writes {1: 3,4: 5,6: false } in browser, tested in firefox and chrome

    Espruino writes {1: 3,4: 5,true: false }

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    Shift + Enter works perfect for me.
    To be open, never checked shortcuts.
    Usually I dont use shortcuts, but this one is nice.

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    During testing, Terminal window is often used to send same commands.
    Typing same thing again and again is boring.
    Snippets could be one way to help, but working with several projects blows up snippets.
    I would prefer to save testing commands in project file, to have them available whenever comin back to project.
    Therfore just tested, how we could send selected lines from code window.
    Short extension to js/core/send.js(line 47) like this could help.
    It first checks for selected lines in code window, and sends this code only.
    If nothing is selected it sends whole project.
    I'm not fully satisfied with this solution.
    It would be a change for send button, any idea to do better ?

      var code = Espruino.Core.EditorJavaScript.getSelect­edCode();
      if(code.length > 0) 
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    my reason to choose SIM800 was size (and price)
    Adding a micro switch, good point, before giving up, I'll take that.
    Micro and speaker, hmm, no idea yet.
    As soon as all steps before are working, I'll see what I can do with that.

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    thanks for your feedback. I've a 612-2 and an older phone made from copper.
    There is one switch for the hook.
    Another sensor is for dialing.
    Last not least one sensor for pulses.
    612-2 works fine, all signals are recognized with simple debouncing.
    The copper phone works for hook and dialing, but pulses give strange results. Debouncing by Espruino does not help. From test to test, I get totally different results. Looks like hardware of the phone does not like reproducable results. Sometimes even no pulse is detected.
    Anyway, I will first try to get my 612-2 running with a SIM800.
    And later on come back to the copper phone.