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    To add my 2 cents.
    There are some non technical facts, which could be mentioned

    • Three successful Kickstarter sessions, all in time. Who else made this ?
    • 50 Releases, more than 5000 commits
    • Everything is available in Github
    • Living community, for example, AllObjects has 1728 comments in forum, and lot of others have more than 500
    • Used all over the world, is there a chart or a worldmap with buyers ?
    • Chart of how many are running on which board ?
    • A list of ES6 support would show progress
    • supported boards
    • special ports like testing to run Espruino on a watch

  • in ESP32
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    I did not check usage in ESP-IDF, but without TLS, compilation is not running.
    There are some error messages pointing to this.
    I've in mind that ESP32 supports some crypto in HW, but cannot find the source anymore.
    A question could go the other direction, do we need TLS in Espruino for ESP32 ?
    I think, in a next step, I will try to update TLS in Espruino.

  • in ESP32
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    Looks like Espruino uses mbed TLS 2.1.1
    And Espressif uses mbed TLS 2.9.0 for ESP32

    Is there an easy way to handle this ?

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    I started to get Espruino compiled with V3.1-beta.
    There is a change in DPORT handling, NEOpixel uses that.
    Some makefile and path changes need to be done.
    Right now I'm at a point where linker tells about multiple definitions around mbedtls_sha256_init and other mbedtlssha256 functions.
    Message is like this:
    ***/home/esp32/V3_1_prerelease/template/­build/mbedtls/libmbedtls.a(sha256.o): In function mbedtls_sha256_init': /home/esp32/V3_1_prerelease/esp-idf/comp­onents/mbedtls/mbedtls/library/sha256.c:­82: multiple definition ofmbedtls_sha256_init'
    libs/crypto/mbedtls/library/sha256.o:/ho­me/esp32/V3_1_prerelease/Espruino/libs/c­rypto/mbedtls/library/sha256.c:79: first defined here
    /home/esp32/V3_1_prerelease/template/bui­ld/mbedtls/libmbedtls.a(sha256.o): In function mbedtls_sha256_free': sha256.c:(.text.mbedtls_sha256_free+0x0)­: multiple definition ofmbedtls_sha256_free'
    libs/crypto/mbedtls/library/sha256.o:sha­256.c:(.text.mbedtls_sha256_free+0x0): first defined here

    Don't know, how to get rid of this :-( Hopefully somebody out there knows, how to get rid of this

  • in Porting to new Devices
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    Is there any way to create a board specific API documentation ?
    Implementation on different boards sometimes add specific commands.
    And don't support some core functions.
    At least for some boards we could add a file similar to http://www.espruino.com/Reference to download

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    There is a call in API to get the minimal size of heap (heap_caps_get_minimum_free_size)
    AFAIK, this is the minimum size which happened during processing.
    The idea is to find out, which function uses how much heap.
    For example, create http-server and check this value, reset, create https and check, etc. etc.
    Up to now, I did not work on this, with other words, no experience yet ;-)

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    V3.01 does not, but there is a prerelease V3.1 which supports with/without PSRAM
    I'll take a look to that to see how to get it running with Espruino.
    Already known is renaming of directories and header files
    Prerelease comes very soon after release, much faster than in the past.
    Lets see how long we have to wait for release of V3.1