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    Business as usual, problems between ears of developer ;-)
    Thanks a lot

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    I would like to call a javascript function from c and use the return value.
    In first test:

      "type" : "function",
      "name" : "ExecJS",
      "generate" : "jswrap_ExecJS",
      "params" : [
        ["function","JsVar","A Function or String to be executed"]
      "return" : ["JsVar","can be used for everything"]
    JsVar *jswrap_ExecJS(JsVar *func){
      JsVar x = *jspExecuteFunction(func, 0,0,0);
      jsWarn("na sowas: %d\n",x);

    got this error, after ExecJS(function(){return 99;}); whats wrong ?

    WARNING: na sowas: 99
    WARNING: done
    =ASSERT(v->flags == JSV_UNUSED) FAILED AT src/jsvar.c:399
    #1[r1,l2] Object {

    #2[r1,l2] Name String [1 blocks] "\xFF"      #3[r1,l2] Object { 
        #6[r1,l2] Name String [2 blocks] "timers"          #8[r2,l1] Array(0) [ ]
        #9[r1,l2] Name String [2 blocks] "watches"          #11[r2,l1] Array(0) [ ]
        #13[r1,l2] Name String [1 blocks] "net"          #14[r1,l2] String [1 blocks] "\x05\x00\x00\x00\x00\xFF\xFF\xFF"
        #15[r1,l2] Name String [2 blocks] "history"          #25[r1,l1] Array(2) [
            #26[r1,l2] Name Integer 0              #19[r1,l1] String [5 blocks] "console.log(\"<\",\"<<\",JSON.stringify­(process.env),\">>\",\">\")"
            #224[r1,l2] Name Integer 1              #213[r1,l1] String [3 blocks] "ExecJS(function(){return 99;});"
    #17[r1,l2] Name String [2 blocks] "console"      #18[r1,l1] NativeFunction 0x40123264 (1) { }
    #28[r1,l2] Name String [1 blocks] "JSON"      #27[r1,l1] NativeFunction 0x401232ac (1) { }
    #33[r1,l2] Name String [2 blocks] "process"      #32[r1,l1] NativeFunction 0x40123210 (1) { }


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    I spend lot of days to get Bluetooth up and running in a very first simple step
    So is time to give a first status.
    To be open, I'm not sure, we will ever get it running in a nice way.
    Memory consumption in binary file and in RAM is huuuuge

    This is what I did in some short steps:

    1. got the example from esp-idf for UART-Server running
    2. got connected from my mobile, using nRF Toolbox
    3. rebuilt source and added to Espruino/targets/ESP32
    4. got huge binary, up to 1400KB
    5. created a new partition table to support this big application size
    6. flashed and got "no heap" and reset, reset, ....
    7. changed config and removed classic Bluetooth and some other memory eater
    8. tons of problems, sometimes even without any error message
    9. had to reduce jsvars from 5000 down to 2000 and now its working

    There is still no functionality available in Javascript, and UART is receiving data only.
    Question is, should I spend more time on this, or wait for availibility of breadboards with ESP32 wrover which has additional PSRAM.

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    Web IDE should download HD44780 from Espruino.com/modules and send to the board.
    Is your connection to internet running ?

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    Shame on me, I didn't even know anything about this debugger.
    Anyway, its working on ESP32, what a crazy world ;-)

    3       ...r b='World';console.log(1);debugger;consol­e.log(2),foo(bar(a...
    debug>info locals
     a                    : "Hello"
     b                    : "World"
    Execution Interrupted
    at line 3 col 44
    ...r b='World';console.log(1);debugger;consol­e.log(2),foo(bar(a...
    in function "hello" called from line 1 col 7
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    got it, like it
    there are some new ideas
    between my ears, .....