• @Gordon Thank you, now I am sure it does not seem to me. I have not checked neopixel in ESP32 v2.00. I have read it was broken in v1.98 and is not working now.
    In any case the old version bug is not a problem for my clock.

    By the way, I've found one minor bug in MQTT module:
    in MQTT.prototype._scktClosed

    if (this.ctimo) clearInterval(this.ctimo);

    should be clearTimeout

  • Tue 2018.11.20

    May I ask @SergeP at what link you read this:

    re: neopixel: 'I have read it was broken in v1.98 and is not working now.'

    To my knowledge, hasn't been an issue. The change log doesn't indicate a fix for something that wasn't apparently broken:


    and only found a 1v98 forum reference at
    'Graphics.drawString not working on 1v98?'
    which isn't directly related to Neopixels.

    I can speak from experience that I've had no issue on several versions, the latest 1v99 on authentic Espruino boards, and have built quite sizable modules pushing the limits of both code and hardware.

    Would love to know where this bad press started.


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