Graphics.drawString not working on 1v98?

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  • I reflashed to 1v98 and drawString seems to not work:

    var g = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(8, 8, 1);
    ="0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0" //empty??

    tried fillRect works fine:

    var g = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(8, 8, 1);
    ="31,31,31,31,31,0,0,0" //not empty

    Am I missing anything?


  • Thanks - I'm looking into this now. That code works fine on the Linux build so all the automated tests passed.

    If you do g.setFontAlign(0,0,0); then it'll work, but all text is center-aligned.

  • Ok, now fixed in GitHub. Turns out GCC's handling of signed bit fields seems to be broken (or at the very least different) on non-x86 platforms. I never noticed because in my tests on real hardware I'd been using g.setFontAlign.

    I'll push a 1v99 version in the next hour or so.

  • Thanks! looking forward to update.

  • I flashed via the web IDE to 1v99 and seems like the problem persists (still got empty buffer like the above example). On another test on an 8x8 neopixel


    actually draws the "1" character at x:-2 and y:-2, so not centered.

  • Which board are you using? I just tried here on a Pixl and also a Pico and it seems ok:

    >var g = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(8, 8, 1);
    =Graphics: {
      "buffer": new ArrayBuffer(8)

    I'm not quite sure I understand about the centering - the default text is normally 4x5 characters so -2,-2 sounds ok, perhaps 1 pixel off depending how you choose to round.

  • I see - I might misunderstood how the fontAlign works. I am using the original espruino board.

  • I just tried an original Espruino board and the code I posted above does work for me. Is there something else that isn't working for you?

    Have a look at­hics_setFontAlign

    setFontAlign is new, but basically it defines how subsequent calls to drawString(txt,x,y) will align the text to x,y. In your example you've left x&y out, so it'll be using 0,0 as the centre, hence the apparent -2,-2.

    You probably wanted:

  • Thanks Gordon - strange, I’m getting the empty buffer still. I’ll try again after work and update.

  • Looks like I was still on 1v98 when I tried the second time around. Confirmed on 1v99 that issue is fixed. Thanks!

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Graphics.drawString not working on 1v98?

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