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    Thank you. My idea is to transfer Puck.JS BLE-MQTT bridge from Raspberry-like system to ESP32 and use one of public MQTT services with it. It may be cheap and simple solution.

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    Hi! I've tried to build ESP32 branch, and I have no success.
    First of all, I have found that 'source scripts/provision.sh ESP32' (as in docs) gets app and esp-idf from master branch of EspruinoBuildTools while code uses newer version already. I have corrected it to get ESP32 branch.
    Then I have got an error about unknown gcc option '-mfix-esp32-psram-cache-issue'. After removing it from makefile (in any case I have no board with psram) I have all files compiled. But at linking stage I have got "undefined reference to `esp_ble_gap_set_security_param'" error.
    While I think the build will not work without the call, I have commented all calls of esp_ble_gap_set_security_param() to look for next stop. It is "cp: cannot stat '/home/serge/Projects/ESP32/Espruino/appĀ­/build/partitions_espruinoBLE.bin': No such file or directory"
    My build commands are:

    source scripts/provision.sh ESP32
    make clean && BOARD=ESP32 DEBUG=1 USE_BLUETOOTH=1 make
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    Thank you.
    I think I have asked my question in bad form.
    I know about clearTimeout() without arguments.
    But I call it with 1 argument. But the argument is undefined. And I see the same result. I do not know if it is a bug or not.
    For example:

    var timNum;

    And I think it depends on JS implementation does on all devices, not only ESP8266. Usually I try to test my code for Puck.JS with ESP8266 first, because it is much easier to connect peripherals to it and to send code to it as well - espruino-server falls each second connection and can not work together with EspruinoHub.

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    If I call


    all intervals set by setInterval() and all timeouts set by setTimeout() disappears.
    Checked by 1v95 on ESP8266

    Is it a bug?

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    I try to use Lolin32 Lite modules (or something similar- I am not sure) and I have permanent problem with WiFi connection - it is often in AUTH_EXPIRE state.
    Here I have found that there is a bug in ESP32 Wifi library - it can not reconnect to AP automatically.

    One possible workaround is to call disconnect() every time and then call connect(SSID, options) again. Another one is to implement it inside Espruino code.

    What do you think about it?

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    I have tried to program ESP8266-based clock using Android TV-box with HDMI display, USB keyboard and mouse - my children often use it as yet another computer if all normal computers are in use. The TV-box has powerful processor, big memory and storage. Now I am going to use Espruino WebIDE in Linux VM on the TV-box, as workaround.
    If it is possible and not too dificult to support such devices as Espruino Web IDE hosts in future, it may be interesting, because millions are already in use.