New Bangle.js 2 won't charge

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  • Hi there,

    I just received my Bangle.js 2 today. It had no battery out of the box and I'm unable to get it to charge. I've had a read through this question and this one. I don't have a volt meter to test but I've tried removing the tape over the charging contacts and warming it up but neither have worked.

    Any suggestions?

  • Ahh this is really silly but I think I just wasn't pressing the button correctly...

    Well seems to be working great and I'm very excited to start hacking around with it!

  • Great, glad it's working for you!

    We have to make it quite hard to turn on (holding the button for a while) otherwise sometimes they turn on in transit!

  • Thanks - it's working great! I've swapped out my old Apple watch for it and I'm so happy with the change! No more charging every day, and it's so much easier to start hacking some code for it.

    Thanks for making such a great product!

  • @Gordon are you able to replace the battery. Been running daily for two plus years. Takes three days to charge to a max of 55% and then lasts for three days .

  • Do you mean the Bangle.js 1? I only started shipping Bangle.js 2 out last December so it couldn't have had 2 years!

    On Bangle.js 1 you can unscrew the back, and while you have to unsolder it, yes, you can replace the battery.

    Honestly the cost of shipping it here, me doing it and shipping it back is going to be prohibitively high, but I believe I do still have some spare batteries I could ship out if you or someone you know is willing to do it.

  • Apologies @Gordon, I should have included the version *Has word with self...
    Yes, it is the Bangle.js 1. Re - removing and re-soldering a replacement battery I'm very happy to do that.

  • Ok, great! We don't have the battery listed in the shop, but if you could order and then put a note in the box when you checkout that you want a Bangle.js battery then I'll send you one out.

    To anyone else looking at this - please drop us a line first just to check we still have stock before you place an order!

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New Bangle.js 2 won't charge

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