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  • I know there is probably a simple line of code for printing out all the apps / versions installed on my Bangle JS and that @Gordon will have stated what it is many times in various threads but its been a while and I simply cant put my finger on it.

    If someone could write it I will put into the FAQ wiki.

    A idea for a simple App called Versions would be useful. The App would open up a scrollable list of every thing that is installed and print the app name and version to the screen. This would need to include the firmware version as well. When connected to the IDE it would also print the name / version pairs to the console. This could then be scraped into a bug report.

    I've been reporting a few bugs recently and had to do this collection process by hand through the app loader and use pen and paper.

  • How about just adding the versions to the installed app list in the "more..." tab of the apploader? The information should be already available there.

  • Yes that would do it.

    Loader / More / Utilities / Show Versions

  • Well, or the 'Apps Installed' list could just include the versions in brackets after each app.

    PRs welcome :)

  • or the 'Apps Installed' list could just include the versions in brackets after each app.

    It does that already, but it can be a pain scrolling though the list to note them down.
    I seem to remember there was a 1 liner you could run on the IDE and it would print out a list.

    PRs welcome :)

    I would not know where to start changing the App loader.

  • There is an app list at the bottom of the "More..."-tab in the device info section.

  • It doesn't have the version numbers on though. But I guess that would be easy to add if I would remember what the code was to extract that information.

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  • Looks like it is doable. I'd have to write lots of console.log() statements to figure out what is going on. This is quite complicated javascript code.

  • I have created 2 pull requests.

    The first one adds the versions to the list of installed apps (preview:

    The second adds a "New issue on github" button that opens a new pre-filled issue on github.
    Until the PRs are merged, the issue is pre-filled with only the firmware version of the connected bangle.

  • Cool!

    Maybe you could prefill the text field like in the attached file. Then you have all installed apps listed automatically under a drop down arrow. Just an idea.

    Also, is it possible to preselect the hardware version?

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  • Sorry, I do not see any attachment :)

    I found no way to prefill dropdowns or checkboxes.
    Only inputfields and textareas works.

  • Sorry, now it's attached above.

    I found no way to prefill dropdowns or checkboxes.


  • One more option could be to open a blank issue and fill it somewhat like the file attached with this message. Just spitballing :p

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  • I think you mean something like this:
    new Issue link

    But then you lose the Github forms option, which we are using at the moment.

  • Just to confirm, yes that was what I was thinking.

    I can see that it's probably preferable to keep the forms option šŸ‘

  • I have created 2 pull requests.

    I checked it out. Works great. This is going to be very handy.

  • just merged :)

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Bangle App version lister

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