issue installing from apploader on chrome android

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  • After seeing that my bangle.js1 was not receiving gadgetbridge notifications i decided to remove and reinstall "messages" and "android integration" from my android phone.

    Installation for these 2 apps were never completing the install process (no console output neither)( with and without Pretokenise apps option) but other apps were installed without problem at all.

    I tried with the chrome desktop and both apps installed at 1st attempt.
    Is it polstergeist on my phone? have u experienced something similar?

    And now i receive the notification (vibration) and widget shows it, but after enterin in messages no text is showed on the screen. Playing with debug, and specifically with "xxx call" bangle.js1 shows the list of received texts. Any user of bangle.js1 i suffering the same?

    GB 0.65.0
    Bootloader (v0.46)
    Android Integration (v0.07)
    Messages (v0.26)

  • Today i had the same issue installing "Recorder" app from android chrome.
    But the app installed well using Chrome on windows10

  • Were you still connected via Gadgetbridge at the time? Not sure if that's possible - I think usually it won't connect - but if it did that would definitely be an issue

  • No, gadgetbridge is disconnect, I learnt the lesson of the single connection long time ago :)

    In fact, apploader on android start installing these apps, installation progress but at certain % the progress bar gets stuck.
    Then you refresh the page and btn3, try installing a different app and it get installed, but if you try again which the one that failed before and it gets stuck again.

    Then you try from desktop and voila!
    Maybe it is related to a limit on chrome for android, or something that is lower than on its bigger brother.

  • Do you ever see something like a 'BUFFER_FULL' error at the bottom of the Bangle's screen when uploading?

    It's hard to know what to suggest as installing from Android works fine here. If you have the ability to connect your phone to your PC with a cable and then use Chrome's Debug Tools to connect to your phone and see what's happening on the Chrome Debug console then that could really help. You could write Puck.debug=3 on the console and then you'll see all the data that is sent/received.

    I know it's possible that sometimes an app can create an error message and that can mess up the upload procedure, but from what you say above you've got a pretty standard set of apps.

    after enterin in messages no text is showed on the screen

    Please you could run the Web IDE on the desktop, connect, and then try and run the messages app (or do something where it misbehaves) and then post up what Bangle.js writes on the console? Most likely there will be some kind of error message we could use to track this down

  • Regarding a potential misbehave from Messages, it can be very likely as the ide output when opening the app is:

    Uncaught Error: Unknown UI mode
     at line 43 col 38
        throw new Error("Unknown UI mode");
    in function called from line 1 col 682 in
    at line 1 col 682 in
    in function "Layout" called from line 28 col 2472 in"h",fillx:1,c:buttons}]});g.clearR­ect(Bangle.appRect);lay...
    in function "showMessage" called from line 29 col 531 in
    in function "checkMessages" called from line 34 col 368 in
  • Ahh, ok - thanks! Sorry about this - looks like someone updated the Layout module on Mar 17th expecting that a setUI feature that's in cutting edge builds also existing in 2v12 :(

    I'll try and get a fix in for this now - and it might explain a lot of issues people seem to be having at the moment.

  • Ok, just updated! If you update the bootloader from it'll fix any issues you might have had with Run & messages apps (or anything using layout)

    edit: it's taking a while to update - give it 15 minutes first :)

  • Thanks, great support:)
    The problem is solved, yesterday i was able to install from the android phone all the apps that failed before.
    And Messages is working fine.

  • Excellent - thanks for the update!

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issue installing from apploader on chrome android

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