• Do you ever see something like a 'BUFFER_FULL' error at the bottom of the Bangle's screen when uploading?

    It's hard to know what to suggest as installing from Android works fine here. If you have the ability to connect your phone to your PC with a cable and then use Chrome's Debug Tools to connect to your phone and see what's happening on the Chrome Debug console then that could really help. You could write Puck.debug=3 on the console and then you'll see all the data that is sent/received.

    I know it's possible that sometimes an app can create an error message and that can mess up the upload procedure, but from what you say above you've got a pretty standard set of apps.

    after enterin in messages no text is showed on the screen

    Please you could run the Web IDE on the desktop, connect, and then try and run the messages app (or do something where it misbehaves) and then post up what Bangle.js writes on the console? Most likely there will be some kind of error message we could use to track this down


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