• After seeing that my bangle.js1 was not receiving gadgetbridge notifications i decided to remove and reinstall "messages" and "android integration" from my android phone.

    Installation for these 2 apps were never completing the install process (no console output neither)( with and without Pretokenise apps option) but other apps were installed without problem at all.

    I tried with the chrome desktop and both apps installed at 1st attempt.
    Is it polstergeist on my phone? have u experienced something similar?

    And now i receive the notification (vibration) and widget shows it, but after enterin in messages no text is showed on the screen. Playing with debug, and specifically with "xxx call" bangle.js1 shows the list of received texts. Any user of bangle.js1 i suffering the same?

    GB 0.65.0
    Bootloader (v0.46)
    Android Integration (v0.07)
    Messages (v0.26)


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