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    I am not an expert in licenses but I am not sure that bangle.js can't use the evaluation licenee

    "A license key and a commercial use agreement are required for use of the S212 and/or S332 in revenue-generating applications."

    "Selling products with an evaluation stack will obligate you to royalties"

    IMO after Bangle.js has been sold/bought there is not more revenue generated, so a later flashing should be allowed and also the application software that would use ANT+ are all non commercial.

    On the other hand, the previous discussion is not much important if SD size is a problem or there is not a demand from users.

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    As the HR sensor is not reliable for sports, it can be interesting bangle.js can read from a remote BLE or ANT+ HR sensor.

    Due BLE limitations a connection to HR sensor will not allow gadget bridge simultaneously.

    However, ANT+ allows multiple connection,and it seems that ANT+ is supported by nRF52 series and its softdevices.
    As Garmin sensors have been using ANT+ for many years, it is no difficult to find them.

    Is it feasible to include ANT support? easier from BLE?

    Evaluation Use:
    • Not to be used for any commercial or revenue-generating purpose.
    • Click above for Evaluation use on any of the stack downloads for the SoftDevices that you need.

    The SoftDevices are available as ANT-only (200 series) and concurrent ANT and Bluetooth (300 series), providing flexibility to serve specific product needs


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    I tried and it works well :)
    Also I see that I can find the full list of models and more details in files at Espruino/boards/xxxxxx.py

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    I just edited my question, as it was not well focused.
    The identification is internal, and i supposed that all bangle or puck devices have some digits of MAC in common. But maybe there are other hw data that can be used to identify the device model.

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    I want to identify models of hardware running espruino. For instance the bangle.js devices.
    Should i use the MAC address(NRF.getAddress())?
    Other method?

    Assuming that MAC has not been changed. Are the first 11 characters of the MAC common to all bangle.js devices ?

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    This question is more curiosity than a need, as I am able to use AppLoader from Android, Linux and Windows10.

    But I also have lab computer with windows7 and a BT USB dongle and the native web IDE works fine.
    from this PC/OS, apps can't be installed from App Loader because the Chrome requires BLE support from the OS.

    Would it be technically possible to do something similar to the native web IDE for the AppLoader?

    As I said before it is more a curiosity, because i understand that probably there is not enough potential users to spend time on supporting an out of support platform.

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    I got some screw cap bar from a Garmin fenix 5 or fr935, the length is perfect but the diameter 2,2mm is too much even drilling inside the bangle.js holes.

    So the perfect screw cap bar would be one of 1,5mm diameter, like the Suunto core adapter but shorter (22mmlength)

    Any idea about where to buy this type of screw bars?

    @tebarius in your photo it seems that you are using 2 short screw bars in each side of the watch. Is it possible or just the picture is hiding part of the bar?