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    To test the notifcation widgets from the IDE you can use

    require("notify").show({  title:"call",  src:"call",  body:"fake-testing call"});

    or even showing a phone icon

    require("notify").show({  title:"call",  src:"call",  body:"fake-testing call",  icon:require("heatshrink").decompress(at­ob("jEYxH+ACcejwUUAAYWVjESCqoABCqoYNCpQX­LCxgXJQowtTA4ZbSZiwW/C4gWWjAXVZwIuVWhxFI­C6z6OLpIXSCywXYDAIWVAAYXTA=="))

    Also the following GB - "call" command can be verified with Mario Clock, but notifications seems that doesn't recognize "call" parameter .

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    These two apps are mutually exclusive as they overwrite the same Notify file, and the last installed will be the active one.

    But as a user you don't need to know that, so following things can happen:

    • having both installed and you don't understand why it is big or small
    • having both installed, you uninstall one, you see one at AppsLoader but notifications doesn't work

    I think the appLoader should manage and control mutually exclusive apps. What do you think?

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    What about the heart rate sensor?
    Though I assume that it would be several times better than Bangle.js
    Can it obtain relatively accurate data to be used during sports?

    And if the wrist sensor hw is not good enough, would it be feasible to receive info from a BLE chest band?

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    @HughB there are not such swipe up and down.
    As the bangle.js 1 have only 2 touch areas (left and right) it is not possible to detect these gestures.

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    @MaBe i agree, i like to have always both option keys and touch.
    for example next action can complete your list
    left area touch as Up or Back
    right area touch as Down or Select
    l+r (middle) areas as Select

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    I am not sure what i prefer....
    But at least I think the "<Back" option should be used coherently and now there are exceptions at BLE and Theme.(see below)

    Another improvement is showing in a different way section entries (containing a 2nd menu) and single click functions as Turn off. I mean using a different color, a prefix char, an icon, bold font...
    For example I always thought that "Reset settings" was a function and just now i saw that it is a section :)

    "<Back" at
    App/widget settings is th 1st option
    BLE is the last option
    Quiet mode is th 1st option
    Locale is the 1st option
    Select Clock is the 1st option
    Set Time is the 1st option
    LCD is the 1st option
    Reset settings is the 1st option
    Theme is the last option

    "<Back" at GPS recorder
    is always at the bottom

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    I was able to reproduce once moving from toucher to launcher and i had to delete the app manually.
    However, after that i tried again, and then uninstall from Apps Loader worked fine.

    is there any way to activate logs or see a console as in WebIDE?

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    Recently I did a default install from the App loader, later i installed "toucher".
    As expected Launcher was the default launcher, then I uninstalled launcher from AppLoader and reset but after that "Launcher" was still the launcher.

    Finally I manually delete 2 "laucher" files from the FS, then "toucher" became the launcher.