• Following on from last year:

    Write up a project you’ve made with Espruino, put it online and get £20 off on the Espruino Shop, until the end of June 2021

    If you're in the UK or EU that's £20 before VAT, so £25 total. That's enough for an Espruino Pico, Original or MDBT42 breakout board (or a large chunk off our other devices).

    You should:

    • Publish on Instructables, Hackster.io, Hackaday.io or YouTube. We're open to other platforms too, but please contact us first to check (it can't just be your own personal website).
    • Use an Espruino device that we sell (sorry, but no ESP8266/32)
    • Include a picture of the assembled project
    • Include the JavaScript/Blockly code that you used
    • Include a short description detailing what parts are needed and how they are connected, and when mentioning the Espruino board, add a link to it
    • Have published before July 2021 (if you published it before this started, that’s fine!) - the actual date you worked on the project can be earlier
    • Have made the project yourself or with others (not used or substantially copied someone else’s project)

    Send an email to gw@pur3.co.uk with a link to your project and I’ll give you a coupon code for the Espruino Shop worth £20 (ex VAT)

    If you have any questions, please post them up below!

  • This can't be a project for the bangle.js can it?

  • This can't be a project for the bangle.js can it?

    It is fine - as long as it's all nicely documented. Something like an app and a few lines of description wouldn't qualify, but if there's enough documentation that someone could get a Bangle and either:

    • Write their own simple version of your app
    • Install your app and do something interesting/useful with it
    • Do something useful with existing apps (eg. record GPS data, export/import it somewhere interesting)

    Then it's fine.

    I just want to avoid stuff that's basically just "1. Install my app, 2. Press some buttons".

    Hope that makes sense - but please ask if you've got something specific in mind!

  • I think I get what you mean.
    I have been working on setting up my bangle as I kind of "bedside clock" by modifying code from a few different projects and a bit of my own.
    Basically, it would
    1) Automatically start when the watch is placed in the charging dock (I made my own dock as well that I could show but the one on your website is likely better)
    2) Show the current time and widgets with new rotated screen orientation.
    3) Show on the time till sunrise (or sunset if day time), with a little sun/moon that moves around the semy circle based on the time till rising.
    4) show the time till the next alarm, if any set on the bangle.

    would that kind of thing be useful/interesting for this?
    I am also looking at setting up an NFC tag on the bangle so that it will auto startup all the connection on my phone when I put them together in the morning but that seems far too much of a "1. Install, 2. Press some buttons, 3. enjoy" problem to be worth this kind of thing.
    Probably will still write that one up on the foram anyway sometimes.

  • I was thinking today of also adding information (like weather) that the app would pull from a gadgetbridge connection, but that might something I add latterly as I would need to spend some time looking at how gadgetbridge works etc as I don't believe such info would be stored on the app for other apps to get as so likely have to make my own version of the current weather app and honestly I just look out the window mostly right now so the weather is not an issue for me :-P

  • Those sound great to me - making it into a bedside clock seems like a really good one.

    In terms of weather, I'm pretty sure you're in luck if you look at the weather widget. There's even a neat little library to make it easier! https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/t­ree/master/apps/weather

  • Awesome, I will get working and make sure I do a full write up and email it to gw@pur3.co.uk when I have it all done. Thank you

  • Is there any restriction on the language, could I publish my article on spanish? When I teach JavaScript beginner classes, I show Espruino as a platform example. I am from Costa Rica, Central America.

  • Hi! If you want to publish in Spanish that'd be great! There isn't that much non-english Espruino stuff out there so the more the better!

  • It was my project, is in spanish. I use an Espruino Wifi to consume the Costa Rican Central Bank Public Web Service, to get exchange prices: https://github.com/curiosumcoder/espruin­o-bccr

  • That's great - thanks! Would it be possible for you to publish it on Instructables, Hackster or something like that? It should just be a matter of copy&paste.

    The problem with GitHub is unfortunately it's extremely unlikely anyone will actually be able to find it unless it gets linked from somewhere else.

  • It's also on YotuTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_GYvRpv­kgc

    . I will publish on Instructables, good idea.

  • Ok, perfect - thanks! I'll drop you a coupon code for the shop

  • Although I'm too late for this little "contest" I would still like to document my most recent Espruino project (a small "lava lamp" replacement, see the current "work-in-progress" on GitHub) for my students - just to give them an idea how they could publish their own projects (which are likely based on Maker Unos which is why I won't qualify for a free Espruino anyway).

    My question is: am I allowed to use images and diagrams from the Espruino web site in my documentation and - if so - how should I "cite" them? (an answer is no longer necessary, I just finished the write-up)

  • Wow, that looks really cool! Sorry for the delay - crazy busy at the moment with the KickStarter shipping/emails.

    But yes, you're totally fine to use stuff from the Espruino website. Logos etc are totally fine, but if there are diagrams that were obviously made for the Espruino docs then some kind of link to the source would be really good.

  • Hello Gordon,

    thank you very much for your response - and don't worry about the delay (as a backer I'm following your activities and problems myself and know how busy your days are).

    But it's good to know how simple it may be to use and refer to Espruino-specific diagrams and images!

    Thank you and good success with Bangle 2!

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Write up your project and get a free Espruino! (2021)

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