• Following on from last year:

    Write up a project you’ve made with Espruino, put it online and get £20 off on the Espruino Shop, until the end of June 2021

    If you're in the UK or EU that's £20 before VAT, so £25 total. That's enough for an Espruino Pico, Original or MDBT42 breakout board (or a large chunk off our other devices).

    You should:

    • Publish on Instructables, Hackster.io, Hackaday.io or YouTube. We're open to other platforms too, but please contact us first to check (it can't just be your own personal website).
    • Use an Espruino device that we sell (sorry, but no ESP8266/32)
    • Include a picture of the assembled project
    • Include the JavaScript/Blockly code that you used
    • Include a short description detailing what parts are needed and how they are connected, and when mentioning the Espruino board, add a link to it
    • Have published before July 2021 (if you published it before this started, that’s fine!) - the actual date you worked on the project can be earlier
    • Have made the project yourself or with others (not used or substantially copied someone else’s project)

    Send an email to gw@pur3.co.uk with a link to your project and I’ll give you a coupon code for the Espruino Shop worth £20 (ex VAT)

    If you have any questions, please post them up below!


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