• I think I get what you mean.
    I have been working on setting up my bangle as I kind of "bedside clock" by modifying code from a few different projects and a bit of my own.
    Basically, it would
    1) Automatically start when the watch is placed in the charging dock (I made my own dock as well that I could show but the one on your website is likely better)
    2) Show the current time and widgets with new rotated screen orientation.
    3) Show on the time till sunrise (or sunset if day time), with a little sun/moon that moves around the semy circle based on the time till rising.
    4) show the time till the next alarm, if any set on the bangle.

    would that kind of thing be useful/interesting for this?
    I am also looking at setting up an NFC tag on the bangle so that it will auto startup all the connection on my phone when I put them together in the morning but that seems far too much of a "1. Install, 2. Press some buttons, 3. enjoy" problem to be worth this kind of thing.
    Probably will still write that one up on the foram anyway sometimes.


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