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  • @markcra great! Just to say that if you do get it to bits and you find the button PCB is damaged (rather than just moved out of the way) then I have now managed to get hold of a handful of replacement button PCBs, so I can post one to you.

  • Thanks @Gordon but that isn't necessary, I managed to open the watch (in the end used hot air as my heated bed wasn't doing the job and I didn't want to push the printer any higher) and although the button PCB didn't look out of place I pulled it out and put it back in and all seems to be well again. I just need to find a suitable adhesive for closing the screen back up. (attached photo taken before I removed the button PCB)

    I wonder if you might put a page on the bangle.js website with instructions on disassembly, I struggled to find any advice on a few attempts to find it then I struck gold with some posts here, namelyĀ­/372404/.

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