• Hi @bobrippling. I tried out v0.02 of clckinfostopw. Between 0-59 seconds the format is showing 1 decimal place ie 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. Think you left the decimal point in, even though the interval period is now 1 second.

  • Downloaded the file and uploaded via the IDE for a quick test.

    I think if you are going to support tenths of a second then switch over after the first 60 seconds.
    That way you have a stopwatch that can do tenths for the first minute. After that the accuracy does not matter so much relatively.

    I thnk from a simplicity (less code, less chance of bugs etc) and a pragmatic point of view, tenth second accuracy on a watch like is not really a big deal. If you need to time someone doing a 100m sprint you would use a proper athletic stopwatch. Sometimes giving the user too many options kind of takes a way from the feel of the app and makes it less satisfying. Its all a matter of personal taste I guess, its your app at the end of the day so I think you have the right to choose how it works. It will still feel elegant whichever way you decide.


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