• Has anyone tried Stop Watch ClockInfo ?

    It works in SlopeClock++ but not in LCD Clock.
    I also tried it with Lato and it does not work in Lato either.

    For LCDclock and Lato - you just never see the Stopwatch icon. Its as if its not installed.

  • It works on BW clock for me.

  • Its works on BW clock and BW clock Lite, SlopeClock+ but Not LCD clock or Simplest++.
    I wrote Simplest++ as a testbed for Clock_info's to see how they worked.

    LCDclock has 2 clockinfo area's on the screen, basically the same code as SlopeClock++ yet I cant get the stop watch clock_info to show up in LCDclock.

  • I just tried LCD clock here with stopwatch and it works great for me. Is everything up to date?

    And if you're connected with the Web IDE do you see any errors showing?

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  • Thanks for that.

    I was just about to go and reset a test watch to factory defaults and try build a set of steps to reproduce when I connected the charging cable and I spotted a different icon had displayed. I can get it to show if I swipe sideaways after the tap.

    The difference is that stopWatch clock_info has set its own menu to 'timer' when all the other so far have just used 'Bangle'.


    return {
            name: "timer",
            img: img(),
            items: [
                    name: "stopw",

    Calendar Clock Info:

      return {
        name: "Bangle",
        items: [
          { name : "Date",


  • I noticed that the display on LCD clock when stopwatch clock_info is running is quite stuttering, freezing approx once every second (probably the main clock redraw).

    Also after 60 seconds the format switches to 01m00s etc.
    This makes the size of the text on the LCD clock almost unreadable.

    I think the sub second part is overkill. If I wanted sub-second accuracy I would use a proper stopwatch that was ergonmically designed to be clicked easily etc.

    the nmber format would be better as 0 to 59 for the first 59 seconds, then 1:01 to 1:59 to 59:59 to 1:00:00 etc etc. That way the h, m, s letters inside the format are not needed and the length of the string is kept short for situations like LCD clock.

    I have done a PR.

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  • I am wondering if having an update frequency of 100ms is wise for the stop watch clock_info.
    I have 2 reasons for saying this.

    1. The tenth of a second accuracy is only displayed for the first 60 seconds
    2. I have noticed a difference in battery consumption.

    I am now running tests but it looks like using simplest++ clock the battery drops (from 100%) to below 50% in 12 hours when running the stopwatch clock_info. Using the Lato clock (with same config) the battery drops to 10% in 12 hours. I am now repeating the tests with both watches fully charged to 100% and the stop watches started at the same time. Of course I will have to swop the watches round as the difference could be due to the watches. But conclusion is that 100ms refresh time uses a lot more battery power and that it seems to be more obvious with an app that uses a custom fonts.

  • Thanks for the feedback - I've created a PR that should resolve the battery drain, and there's now an option for the hh:mm:ss format (although happy to hear more suggestions about tweaking this to fit inside various clocks)

  • Thanks @bobrippling. Look forward to trying it out. Its a really neat clock_info. I'm thinking a countdown timer would be good as well. The count down would have to be a configurable value through a settings men with maybe options for 1,2,5,10, custom minutes.

  • Simple Timer provides a clock info module. It works i steps of 5 minutes.

  • Hi @bobrippling. I tried out v0.02 of clckinfostopw. Between 0-59 seconds the format is showing 1 decimal place ie 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. Think you left the decimal point in, even though the interval period is now 1 second.

  • Jus tried it out. It does not quite work as I imagined. When using the clock_info all you see are options to add or subtract 5 minutes from the countdown timer. You dont actually get to see it counting down so never know how close you are.

  • Well, yes and no. There is the "T-X min" entry that denotes that we are X minutes away from the timer running out.

    It will however not redraw unless you click the clock_info box. I think this design was chosen to minimize battery use. I would probably prefer if it was auto redrawn every minute. If you want to read the discussion on this I think it was had in a conversation thread here on the forum somewhere.

  • It seems to redraw. I get T-5min, T-4min. T-3min, T-2min, T-1min. Seems a bit clunky. I dont think counting down in mm:ss and redrawing it once per second would be too high a cost in terms of battery life. I guess it depends if this is going to be your most frequently used feature.

    I will see if I can find the thread you mention but not had a lot of success with the search facility in the past.

  • Thanks for checking it out! I've dropped the decimal point after 1 second, how does this change feel for you?

  • I dont think counting down in mm:ss and redrawing it once per second would be too high a cost in terms of battery life. I guess it depends if this is going to be your most frequently used feature.

    My suggestion would maybe be to have it update once a minute until there's one minute left, then during the last minute "T-30 s", "T-10 s", "T-9 s", "T-8 s", "T-7 s", "T-6 s", "T-5 s", "T-4 s", "T-3 s", "T-2 s", "T-1 s" could be added. But that's maybe just conservatism talking :p.

    I also just realized that timers set in the app (either the standard 'Alarms and Timers' one or 'Simple Timer') will show on the clock_info. So there's a way to have a more granularly configured timer show on the clock_info that way.

    I will see if I can find the thread you mention but not had a lot of success with the search facility in the past.

    I think I was probably remembering this thread.

  • Downloaded the file and uploaded via the IDE for a quick test.

    I think if you are going to support tenths of a second then switch over after the first 60 seconds.
    That way you have a stopwatch that can do tenths for the first minute. After that the accuracy does not matter so much relatively.

    I thnk from a simplicity (less code, less chance of bugs etc) and a pragmatic point of view, tenth second accuracy on a watch like is not really a big deal. If you need to time someone doing a 100m sprint you would use a proper athletic stopwatch. Sometimes giving the user too many options kind of takes a way from the feel of the app and makes it less satisfying. Its all a matter of personal taste I guess, its your app at the end of the day so I think you have the right to choose how it works. It will still feel elegant whichever way you decide.

  • I think I would count down the last 59 seconds, that would make more sense. But even if it counted down in seconds all the way - the power consumption is not going to be an issue bad for a 5 minute period. Most people will use a countdown timer for boiling eggs or a 5 minute break or something like that.

    I probably wont meddle with this app and its quite inetgrated and there might be quite a few users who like it just the way it is.

  • Yeah I'd been thinking the second duration was a bit short. Thanks for checking it out! I like having the milliseconds and it makes the code more worth having if we keep it up to 1 minute, I'll go with that for now - will test out the 100m sprint next when I'm next at the track!

    Speaking of settings, I'd quite like to drop the settings entirely - what are your thoughts on the format?

  • what are your thoughts on the format?

    I prefer 1:23 or 1:45:15 rather than 1m23s and 1h45m15s, I think its easier to read and : take up less pace than h, m or s. On the LCD watch space is at a premium for one of the quarter segments, if the string wont fit the font has to be halved in size, so that quite significant.

  • I think that would fit more with the LCD clock's style, and if we're not dropping seconds at all, there's no information loss - leave it with me

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Stop Watch ClockInfo - only seems to work on SlopeClock++ ?

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