• Jus tried it out. It does not quite work as I imagined. When using the clock_info all you see are options to add or subtract 5 minutes from the countdown timer. You dont actually get to see it counting down so never know how close you are.

  • Well, yes and no. There is the "T-X min" entry that denotes that we are X minutes away from the timer running out.

    It will however not redraw unless you click the clock_info box. I think this design was chosen to minimize battery use. I would probably prefer if it was auto redrawn every minute. If you want to read the discussion on this I think it was had in a conversation thread here on the forum somewhere.

  • It seems to redraw. I get T-5min, T-4min. T-3min, T-2min, T-1min. Seems a bit clunky. I dont think counting down in mm:ss and redrawing it once per second would be too high a cost in terms of battery life. I guess it depends if this is going to be your most frequently used feature.

    I will see if I can find the thread you mention but not had a lot of success with the search facility in the past.


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