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  • I did a Bangle.factoryReset() and re-installed all the latest Apps.
    I still get this message when slopeclockpp starts up.

    Could not load clock info "weather.clkinfo.js"

    But also go a non repeatable exception using my new Lato clock.
    The exception is complaining about a hide() function that I don't have ?

    Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'on' of undefined
     at line 1 col 2799 in
    in function "f" called from line 1 col 3354 in
    ...f(b[a.menuA].items[a.menuB]));let e=require('Storage').readJSON...
    in function called from system
    Uncaught Error: clearInterval(undefined) not allowed. Use clearInterval() instead.
     at line 1 col 1207 in
    clearInterval(this.interval),delete this.interval,Bangle.removeListener(...
    in function "hide" called from line 1 col 2972 in

    So far the only clock that I can see a display of the Weather clock info's is BW clock.

  • Regarding weather.clkinfo.js maybe @myxor, @PeerDavid or @glemco could have an idea?

    Regarding the .hide() error that sounds like something with widget_utils to me.

    It seems to me like you pretokenize apps in the app loader? Could you try installing the app again without pretokenization and without minification? I think that would give a little more legible code in the error messages.

    EDIT: After looking some more it's the clock_info module on line 214, line 250, line 89 and I think line 224 that's referenced in the error message.


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