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  • Hi,Gordon.
    May i know Espruino have any Fritzing Files ?
    i m using Fritzing to Design My Circuit.
    i can't find any Fritzing in Espruino .com

    Now i have capture photo with my own Espruino board and draw in Illustrator.
    but i m beginner In can i draw the Schematic and PCB?


  • i happy to share the .SVG Files and the .fzz

  • Espruino doesn't have a fritzing component yet I'm afraid. I'd like to add one though!

    I don't know how you'd go about designing an Espruino Fritzing component - maybe someone else can help? As I understand it you don't have to draw the internal parts of Espruino though, you just have to label all the pins

  • Hi,Gordon.

    I have Create Espruino Board In Fritzing. (link all the Connectors)
    and i have email all the source files to you .
    hope can help each other


  • Just to add to this. Fritzing component now here:­d/blob/master/frizting/Espruino.fzpz

    Might need some polishing but it seems usable!

  • Hi,
    tried to look for the Pico as a fritzing component, but could not find it.
    Anybody could point me in the right direction ?


  • I'm afraid there isn't one available at the moment... @jacklee did the original one - I wonder if he fancies doing the new one?

    Otherwise I'll try and do it when I get a bit of time - it would be handy.

  • Ok, this is now added (although not in Fritzing's default parts library yet). Forum post on it is here:­267317/

  • @Gordon sorry for later reply just .busy in work.
    I just get my ESPRUINO PICO today. I happy to Draw ESPRUINO PICO if you want

  • @jacklee thanks! I think I've got it sorted now, but please could you have a look at the post I made here and check that it's done right?

    I looks to me like I probably need to update the PCB view...

  • Thr 2018.08.02

    Are there efforts underway to extend the Espruino line for the Fritzing prototype library?

    The forum references are several years old:­267317/#comment12257625
    Home News
    Espruino Pico Fritzing Part
    Posted on Tue 5th, May 2015

    Is now online here:­d/blob/master/frizting/Espruino_Pico.fzp­z­293209/#comment13227158
    Home Official Espruino Boards General
    Fritzing schematics for espruino/module sites?
    Posted on Wed 21st, September 2016

    Allowing members to upload a visual representation would aid others in providing troubleshooting assistance, along with the obvious of being able to document a finished project.
    This might also allow for re-kindling older boards as a project choice.

    My 'squeeky wheel' order preference:
    MDBT42Q breakout, Wifi, Pixl, then odd pinout Orig and Puck

  • You've got the Original and Pico boards here:­d/tree/master/frizting

    I believe they are linked from each board's individual page. Other boards could be added but I've just been a bit wary - Fritzing itself hasn't been updated at all in 2 years (so there's no chance of actually getting the parts in an actual Fritzing release), and I've seen very few people actually using Fritzing for any diagrams on this website. This is I believe the first time I've had any requests for the extra parts...

    Is anyone else interested?

  • Fritzing is an abomination, and it promotes unclear and misleading forum posts because people inevitably substitute parts, and then post diagrams that show one thing, with footnotes like "That regulator is actually a transistor, and that battery is actually a power supply". Noobs love it over at Arduino forums, but all the people answering the questions detest it - a hand-drawn schematic, photographed with a cellphone, is more effective for communicating a circuit than that awful, no-longer-supported piece of crap.

  • I would personally love to have the other Fritzing parts available. I've had a go at the WiFi myself, if anyone is interested:­i
    I mostly agree with the other assessments of Fritzing, except that at my job (I build escape room technology), I need the pretty visuals to communicate to game designers who wouldn't understand a proper Eagle schematic.

  • Thanks for posting it up! I guess the diagram you have could be a little confusing as it shows the WiFi module on the wrong side, but that's way easier than nothing :)

    Great job by the way! If you're able to, it would be amazing if you could post up some pictures of an Espruino-powered escape room!

  • Yeah, sorry about flipping it like that. I needed to highlight the esp8266 for work. When I'm back at my main PC, I'll adjust it and repost, if it's helpful.
    As far as escape rooms go, I don't have one running on Espruino yet. I'm still working on making that happen though.

  • Thanks! Yes, I think that'd be really handy.

    Hopefully you'll have some success with this escape room then! If you've got any questions ask away - I'm glad to help.

  • I've updated the part to more closely match the real one­i#

  • Nice - thanks! It should at least be really easy for others to find now

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Espruino Fritzing

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